The #1 Secret To Making Money

The #1 Secret To Making Money

Have you read success books, listened to audios/CD’s, attended live conferences, and studied numerous “success gurus”, and you still are not making money? I can tell you that I went through this maze of studying, taking action, and my wife and I still didn’t make the kind of money that we wanted to. 

We were missing this one particular secret to making money! This secret was something that we were later taught in its purest form, but we had to go through our struggles before it really hit us! One of my mentors, Ray Higdon sent an email to me and shot a quick video talking about this #1 secret to making money. After watching the video, it brought me back to what I had learned about making money that, quite honestly, I had forgotten about.

I felt that this is such an important secret to success, that I went out and made a short video myself expressing the impact that Ray’s video had on me, and also provided the #1 secret to making money because I felt that it would impact others.

Here is the video about the #1 secret to making money– I hope that it makes as much of an impact on you as it did on my wife and I! Enjoy :)

The Number #1 Secret To Making MoneyThis #1 secret to making money is something every one of us are capable of doing, yet most entrepreneurs and people, in general, don’t know and/or realize…WATCH NOW

Posted by Get Motivated For Success on Monday, August 17, 2015

Did this help? Do you feel insired and impacted? If you do, please comment and let me know as well as share this post with others who you think could use this information.

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4 Steps To A Better You

4 Steps To A Better You

Do you want to become a better leader? Are you looking to build your business to new heights? In order to do that, it requires that you make some changes! After all, if you want things to change in your business, it requires that you make some changes too, you can’t remain the same and expect anything to change. These changes are not earth shattering, and they are not impossible. In fact, the changes that you have to make can be done by anyone.

In this video post, I share with you 4 Steps To A Better You. In reality, each of these steps could be an hour long video, but I wanted to give you the basic concepts of the 4 steps to allow you to determine which one(s) that you may need to focus on. Everybody has different strengths and weaknesses, so while watching and listening to this video, there may be some things that you have nailed and other things that you need to work on.

Don’t feel bad if there are things that you need to improve on because we are ALL a work in progress. I try to improve and learn more everyday regardless of how big my business gets. You are either growing or dying, and it is my hope that this video gives you some internal perspective to help you develop into a better leader, business person, husband, wife, mother, or father. Enjoy the video :)

What other steps do you feel are crucial to your leadership and business development? Share a comment and let me know! 

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Leave Your Baggage Behind

Leave Your Baggage Behind

“The past doesn’t equal your future!” I had heard that saying many times before I finally really came to understand what it meant. When I did break it down in my mind, I came to realize just how important and powerful the phrase is! It is a statement and truth that many people either don’t understand, or they choose not to believe it. 

We all come from different backgrounds, were raised in different parts of the world, and have different cultures. The one thing that we do have in common is our very own story and baggage. When I coach other Network Marketers and business owners, I find that a large majority of them bring their “baggage” into business with them. This can severely hinder their success. I break down what the statement “The past doesn’t equal your future!” means in the video below.

Are you carrying baggage around? Have you allowed your past failures to dictate the expectations for your business and your future? NOW is the time to let the baggage go, draw a line in the sand, and begin to create your future and leave your baggage behind!

To Your Success,

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6 Winning Traits of a Successful Network Marketer-

6 Winning Traits of a Successful Network Marketer

Are you in Network Marketing or build a Home Business? Did you know that there are common traits that all successful business owners have? I am going to share with you the 6 traits of the successful Network Marketer that I both look for and teach to the people who I work with in business. These traits will help you to grow your business to great heights as well as help keep your business growing and thriving for years to come. That is what you want after all, isn’t it?

So watch this video and really take a look at yourself objectively. Do you have some or all of these traits? Are there certain things that you might need to improve on or traits that you didn’t even know that you needed in order to succeed with your business? Here are the 6 Winning Traits of a Successful Network Marketer:

Did you see anything that you can improve on? Are you guilty of violating any of these traits? We all have areas that we can improve on. If you start to work on these 6 traits, you will begin to attract the right people into your business and be a great example of success! Please leave a comment and let me know what trait that you will work on! Share this with anybody that you feel will benefit from leaning the 6 Traits of a Successful Network Marketer.

To Your Success,
Ken Cloutier

Invest in yourself

Invest In Yourself

Invest in yourself. When I first heard that, I had absolutely no idea what that meant. My mentors explained to me that the only way that I would be successful was to invest in myself. Investing in yourself is anything that will help you grow yourself and your business now or for the future. Examples of investing in yourself are live events, books, motivational audios, association with your mentor or other business leaders, and many more.

One of the biggest mistakes that I see Network Marketers make is that they get into business with an employee mindset. They are looking to put in as little effort as possible and make as much money as they can. They don’t understand the value of investing in themselves so that they can get a business owner and wealth mentality mindset. You see, 90% of business success is mindset. The only way to change your mindset is to invest in yourself and get the tools and information of a successful thought process. That may mean going to live events outside of your city, buying books and audios to read or listen to in your car. Whatever it takes to invest in yourself and develop the proper mindset is what will help you to crush your Network Marketing business and live the successful life that you desire and deserve!

Young adults today invest in college that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars over a four year period of time. Many of them will not even work in the field that they received their degree in. Many more will be in the financial bind of student loans for many, many years after graduating. They invest in themselves and don’t even think twice about buying a $300 text book that they will never read! But if you advise them to invest in a live event ticket for a couple hundred dollars, or a $9 audio of a very successful person who can teach them how to succeed in life, they will claim that they don’t have the money!

In this video, I give you an example of someone that I was looking to help in her Network Marketing business. She is fairly new and was having trouble generating leads online. Tell me what you think and would you have answered the same way?



So…would you have answered the same way, or would you have been a leader an figured it out? I hope and pray that her mentor will teach her the valuable lesson of investing in herself or she will have a difficult time building a team of leaders. It is not always easy or convenient to invest in yourself, but neither is being successful. It takes sacrifice and vision to do things or spend money on things that you may not see the immediate value, but it is necessary for you to grow as a person and business leader. You need to be willing to do the things that most people don’t do, so you can live like most people won’t; Investing in yourself is one of those things. Educate and hone your craft. Learn how to work and communicate with people if you are in a Network Marketing business. Get excited about learning and growing, and then back it up with relentless action- then watch your business explode.

Invest in yourself-

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Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

As I am sitting on the floor in my living room, my 3 year old Doberman Pinscher is nuzzled up against me sleeping. I was thinking about when my wife and I first started our own home based business and how excited that we were to be our own bosses!

Then it occurred to me that a large reason why we have been successful in our business is that we did not sweat the small stuff when we got our business started. In other words, we did not wait to try to figure out all of the details before we took action. We were “all in.” This thought process of being “all in” is applicable to all endeavors, not just in business. The thing that I see many people struggle with is that they feel as though they have to get everything just perfect before they take any action toward their goals. They have to get their ducks in a row. Can I give you some advice? When was the last time you saw ducks walk in a row? It doesn’t happen!

If you are looking to become a pastor for instance, don’t sit around waiting for a large church to call you to come in and preach to their congregation. Instead, you could find a youth camp that you could volunteer your time to in order to minister to young adults. You see, you can move closer to your ultimate goals, but it requires action, even if it is small steps you are heading in the right direction.

One of my mentors has always said “hesitation is devastation.” If you hesitate and don’t take action, nothing good can happen. Stop waiting for things to be perfect before you take action towards your goals. It is never the right time to do anything. The time to do something is now! We all have 24 hours in a day; every single one of us. Nobody was blessed with 25 hours in a day. So why is it that some people succeed while others are still waiting to? The people that succeed do not wait for everything to be just perfect, they take action. They are not worried that they are working and going to school and have a family to take care of, they continue to take action regardless of their circumstances.

What category do you fit into? Do you take the “all in” approach or have you been hesitating on taking action because you just “don’t have time?” You will never have time! I have noticed that the older that I get (I’m only 35, don’t rush me!) the more complicated life gets. Stop procrastinating in doing what you know you should be doing to fulfill your dreams- take action!

You can do it! Take small, simple action steps in the direction of your goals and dreams and you will get there; but you have to start!

To Your Success!

Ken Cloutier



Tips on How Self-Improvement Brings About Success

In order to become become more successful, it will require some sort of change on your part. If you talk to the average person and talk about self-improvement, he or she will most likely think that self-improvement is for the person that has “problems or issues” and not for them. In fact, self-improvement is exactly what it sounds like- improving yourself. You improve yourself in order to become the type of person that people will want to be around as well as attract success. Following success habits and actions over and over will eventually lead you to the success that you are looking for. Self-improvement, therefore, is vital to your success.

 I have listed some tips and thoughts on how your self-improvement can and will create your success.

 Stop thinking and feeling as if you’re a failure, because you’re not. How can others accept you if YOU can’t accept YOU?

• When you see hunks and models on TV, think more on self-improvement, not self pitying. Self-acceptance is not just about having nice slender legs, or great abs. Concentrate on inner beauty.

• When people feel so down and low about themselves, help them to feel better about themselves and improve their self-image. Don’t go down with them. They’ll pull you down further and both of you will end up feeling inferior.

• The world is a large room for lessons, not mistakes. Don’t feel stupid and doomed forever just because you did not get that sale or hit that goal. There’s always a next time. Make rooms for self-improvement.

• Take things one at a time. You don’t expect black sheep’s to be goody-two-shoes in just a snap of a finger. Self-improvement is a one day at a time process.

• Self-improvement results to inner stability, personality development and SUCCESS. It comes from self-confidence, self appreciation and self-esteem.

• Set meaningful and achievable goals. Self-improvement doesn’t mean that you have to be like the exact replica of Cameron Diaz or Ralph Fiennes. The aim is to get an improved and better YOU.

• Little things mean BIG to other people. Sometimes, we don’t realize that the little things that we do like a pat on the back, saying “hi” or “hello”, greeting someone “good day” or telling Mr. Johnson something like “hey, I love your tie!” are simple things that mean so much to other people. When we’re being appreciative about beautiful things around us and other people, we also become beautiful to them.

• When you’re willing to accept change and go through the process of self-improvement, it doesn’t mean that everyone else is. The world is a place where people of different values and attitude hang out. Sometimes, even if you think you and your best friend always like to do the same thing together at the same time, she would most likely decline an invitation for self-improvement.

We should always remember that there’s no such thing as ‘over night success’. Its always a wonderful feeling to hold on to the things that you already have now, realizing that those are just one of the things you once wished for. A very nice quote says that, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” We are all here to learn our lessons. Our parents, school teachers, friends, business partners, office mates, neighbors… they are our teachers. When we open our doors for self-improvement, we increase our chances to head to the road of success.

To YOUR success!!

Kenneth Cloutier



3 Simple Life Lessons to Success

I would like to share 3 basic principles with you that can help to improve your life and success journey. I have found that while there is no sure fire, secret formula for success, there are some basic thought processes and attitudes that will greatly increase your chances of succeeding.

So let’s get started-

1. Build it, don’t knock it! – Next time you are at work or just out and about, you will hear most people speaking negative and always criticizing or putting things or people down. In fact, most people have a hard time thinking or saying something positive as opposed to complain about it. Rather than speaking like everyone else, adopt the sense that you will be positive and speak positively about others and situations. I understand that things can go wrong or that people can be unkind, but don’t let it affect YOUR attitude of positivity. It is called having a Positive Mental Attitude!

2. Stick to it– Talk to anyone who has succeeded at a high level in anything and they will tell you that they just didn’t quit! It is imperative that you have a stick-to-it attitude when you are pursuing excellence. In addition to having a persistent attitude, you have to adopt a strong work ethic. Lazy people do not succeed or achieve a high level. Get off the couch and get to work!

3. Fail– Yes I said Go out and fail and fail often. Failure is a means to the end when it comes to being better than average. Failure just to fail is not good unless you can learn something from it, but it is necessary to achieve. Most people think that if you fail it is like a grade you received in high school when you forgot to study or were not expecting that pop quiz. You either passed or failed. This system of points has brain washed most people and have blinded them to the fact that all successful people have failed. In fact the most successful people have only failed more than others! So get out there and fail- learn, but fail. Remember this: Failure is not the outcome, failure is not trying!


To Your Success!

Ken Cloutier

Look good and feel confident

How to Have the Self-Image of a Rockstar

Self-Image is the single most important aspect of our lives. The best analogy for this is that our Self-Image is like our central nervous system to our body. It controls everything about us. To know the importance of this is critical because your business, career, relationships, and anything else in your life will never outgrow your Self-Image!  I am going to outline 12 different points on how you can have the Self-Image of a Rockstar!

1. Appearance: When you look good, you feel good! Put on that sharp shirt with dress pants and look in the mirror and you feel like a million bucks don’t you? We have all done that before. When you feel good about how you look, your Self-Image will go up and you will walk and talk with greater confidence.

This can also translate over to your vehicle or home. Keeping a dirty car where you have old french fries from two months ago or a messy house is a very good indicator on how you perceive yourself. Don’t you get a great feeling when you get into your clean car regardless of  how old it is or walk into your clean fresh smelling house? Clean up and feel good!

2. Posture: You can increase your Self-Image simply by how you carry yourself. Walk with your chest out and your chin up; like you own the room. Sit upright and uncross your arms. These are all ways in which you can not only raise your Self-Image, but also show others and attract people to you because you have that air of confidence. Study the way successful people you know carry themselves. When was the last time you saw a successful person walking with their shoulders slumped and looking down at their shoes? They all have a posture about them; usually a brisk walk like they are going somewhere- which they are!

Another key aspect of posture is looking people in their eyes. I don’t mean the type of stare where you don’t blink, but looking at people in the eyes when you are talking to them or listening. It amazes me how many people that do not look me in the eyes when I speak with them. Instantly I know that they have a bit of a Self-Image issue.

Speak with confidence. Doesn’t it drive you nuts when you are trying to converse with somebody who has no confidence and they are speaking with little more than a slight mumble? You have to keep asking them to re-state what they just said until you get so sick of it you start nodding your head as if you actually are hearing them. Speak loud and bold so that others can hear you. You may ask “What if I say something wrong?” Who cares!! At least you said it with confidence!

3. Be on time: Nothing shows more disrespect for somebody’s time than showing up late. It also has a negative impact on your Self-Image. It may not seem like a big deal, but you know the feeling that I am talking about; you arrive at a meeting late and open the door and all of the heads turn to you and you reply- “I’m sorry that I am late.” Your Self-Image just took a hit. Be accountable. Leave for your appointment a few minutes early and arrive 5-10 minutes before- even family events. By your actions you are saying “I feel good about myself and care about our appointment.”

4. Manage your money well: This can be tied back into #3 about being accountable. Make sure you are aware of your money and paying your bills, etc. on time. When all of your bills are paid for and you are accountable, you will feel better about yourself. I can remember getting call after call from bill collectors about money that I owed. Needless to say when I got off the phone I didn’t exactly feel good. I felt lower than a pregnant ant! If you have made a commitment to pay for something or give money to someone for an event or tickets, etc- pay them. Guilt will lower your Self-Image.

5. Do what you are supposed to do consistently: We all have responsibilities in our lives and are being pulled in a thousand different directions from our family to careers to friends. Many times we do not want to do what we know we should or have to do. Resisting the temptation to put these things off and doing them even when we don’t feel like it will enhance your Self-Image. Have you started a work out regimen or gone on a diet recently? The first couple of weeks when you work out you feel tired and sore; not really the combination that screams to go to the gym! After a couple of weeks of consistently going to the gym, you actually change your perspective on working out. You feel as though you can’t go a day without working out! The same is true with dieting or cutting out sugar. The first few days/weeks are miserable but then you get to the point where you don’t even crave or want sugar. If you don’t do the things you should do or are not overcoming obstacles, your Self-Image will go backward. Remember, Success = Right Habits!

6. Progressive Goals: Another way to increase your Self-Image is to have progressive goals. These are goals that you increase every month. For example, if you are in sales your progressive goals may be to increase your monthly sales by X%. It may be that you are able to run for 2 miles before you get tired and your goal for next month would be to run 4 miles. These continual goals helps you to move forward and develop the habit of winning which will raise your Self-Image!

7. Pay the full price not the minimum price: Paying a price and overcoming obstacles will raise your Self-Image. Going through struggles will help you to see what you are made of. Too many people look to take the short cut or the paved road of simplicity only to find out that the reward was little to nothing. See how productive you can be- test yourself and you will be surprised how far you can go. Keep in mind that your reward is directly proportioned to the price you pay. The bigger the price, the bigger the reward. Increase your price and you will increase your Self-Image!

8. Don’t speak negative about yourself: Do you cringe like me whenever you hear someone say I can’t do this or I’m not good at that? I hate it! Never speak negative about yourself. Our brains are the greatest computer ever created. It can formulate ideas and solve problems in fractions of a second. However, it is easily programmed to listen to and accept any negative things we say about ourself. Our brain can not decipher whether or not you mean what you say but it takes everything we say to it literally. When you say things like “I am not good with people” or “I can’t remember names” you are programming yourself to do just that. It is just as easy to say that you are good with people or you are good at remembering names. Take the lid off of your capabilities and believe in yourself; this will raise your Self-Image. Speak positive about yourself and your brain will have nothing else to do but have you feeling good about you.

9. Spend time with people that have better Self-Images than you: Get around other individuals who have a high Self-Image. It may be a little bit intimidating at first, but the results will be well worth it. By getting around confident people, you can study how they dress, walk, speak, carry themselves, hear what they talk about, and most importantly, see what they don’t talk about. If you model people with a higher Self-Image than you, your Self-Image will go up as you start adopting their habits and attitudes.

10. Realize that action is the only thing that cures fear: Do what you fear a lot and you will get good at it. You may say that “I can’t talk in front of people.” Well for starters, refer back to topic #8, but how do you know you can’t unless you try it and work at it. Many people were raised to think that if it hurts or feels uncomfortable, stop doing it. My mentor has always said that pain is weakness leaving the body. If you start taking action on what you fear, your Self-Image will rise.Change is taking deliberate, proactive action outside of your comfort zone. Make the changes today and watch your Self-Image soar!

11.  Self-education: Self improvement education goes a long way to increasing and maintaining your Self-Image. I recommend reading positive books and listening to positive audios. Books change you from the inside out. It is like having a personal conversation with the author on how great you are and how you can improve yourself. Audios on the other hand, can help to program your thoughts and attitudes. Be careful what you allow into your mind. Lyrics to songs can be a hindrance to your Self-Image. The beat may be good, but if the song is speaking of negative things or when you sing along with the song, you are putting yourself down, your Self-Image will go down as well. Remember, your brain can not tell the difference- it only acts on the words that you tell it.

12. Build other people’s Self-Image: Build the Self-Image of others around your daily. Notice the little things about someone such as a nice shirt that they are wearing, or maybe they spoke up and made a good point in a meeting that you admired. Your Self-Image will go up when you look for positive qualities in others because you will work to look for the positive in yourself; it becomes a habit! When you serve others, your Self-Image goes up. So take your eyes off of yourself and put it on others.

It is with sincere hope that this article has helped you in some way. Whether you had a very low Self-Image before you read this post, or you were just trying to see how you can improve the good Self-Image you currently have, you must continue to work on yourself on a daily basis.

You may be overwhelmed and thinking how can I possibly do all 12 of these things to improve my Self-Image. My recommendation to you is to start with 1 or 2 topics at a time and work on them for several days until you feel that you have made progress. Then move on to another set. Your Self-Image did not form over night and therefore, will not change over night either. Take it a day at a time and bit by bit you will feel better about yourself.

I do not claim to be the Self-Image guru and, like everyone else, I battle and have to continually work on my Self-Image. When you understand and implement the tools and strategies that I have spelled out above, it is a battle you can be confident of winning!

Please share with me strategies and/or stories of how you have raised your Self-Image! I would love your feedback.

To your Success!

Kenneth Cloutier

The Fundamental Art of Praise!

You deal with people on a regular basis whether it is at work or in the market place. Why is it that some folks seem to get along with everyone while others seem to always find something negative with others?

Learning people skills and how to effectively deal with others is a skill not mastered in a few days, weeks, or even months. It takes effort and discipline to begin to master some of the skills necessary to become a person that will attract others to you.

I am going to share a simple act that can revolutionize how you interact with people. This simple act that I am referring to is praise!

Praise is like jumping into cool water on a 100 degree summer day. It is refreshing to the soul. Praise is a very simple action to take but the reaction has the potential to make an impact for days, weeks, or even years.  In a society starved for positive attention, you can start to win friends by being that person who is quick to praise and slow to condemn.

Think of the last time that somebody told you that you did a great job or complimented you on something that you worked hard on. Didn’t that make you feel like a million bucks? It gave you a renewed energy and made you want to repeat your efforts.  If you understand this concept, you will be the person that people want to be around. People will leave you feeling better about themselves and not worse.

By offering praise and finding the good in people, you will begin to attract those that are similar to you. Have you noticed that when people complain a lot, they typically hang out and associate with other complainers. A winner can’t stand a loser! Put yourself at an advantage by becoming the person that you want to attract; one that is positive and uplifts people. This comes through praise.

I am not proposing that you praise others just for the sake of praising. It must be something that you notice that they have done well or something that they have worked on and made progress such as being more social, etc. Praising just for the heck of it will prove phony and others will see right through it. You must be sincire when giving praise.

So as you interact with individuals throughout your day, look for chances to praise others and watch as your influence and circle of friends grows.

To your Success!

Ken Cloutier


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