The #1 Secret To Making Money

The #1 Secret To Making Money

Have you read success books, listened to audios/CD’s, attended live conferences, and studied numerous “success gurus”, and you still are not making money? I can tell you that I went through this maze of studying, taking action, and my wife and I still didn’t make the kind of money that we wanted to. 

We were missing this one particular secret to making money! This secret was something that we were later taught in its purest form, but we had to go through our struggles before it really hit us! One of my mentors, Ray Higdon sent an email to me and shot a quick video talking about this #1 secret to making money. After watching the video, it brought me back to what I had learned about making money that, quite honestly, I had forgotten about.

I felt that this is such an important secret to success, that I went out and made a short video myself expressing the impact that Ray’s video had on me, and also provided the #1 secret to making money because I felt that it would impact others.

Here is the video about the #1 secret to making money– I hope that it makes as much of an impact on you as it did on my wife and I! Enjoy :)

The Number #1 Secret To Making MoneyThis #1 secret to making money is something every one of us are capable of doing, yet most entrepreneurs and people, in general, don’t know and/or realize…WATCH NOW

Posted by Get Motivated For Success on Monday, August 17, 2015

Did this help? Do you feel insired and impacted? If you do, please comment and let me know as well as share this post with others who you think could use this information.

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Book of excuses

Stumbling Blocks To Success- Are You Guilty Of These?

During my years in business I have both spoken with and networked with many people. Due to the type of business model that I build in network marketing, I interact with people of all ages, education, and positions in Corporate America. Nonetheless, when asked simple questions such as if they are pursuing their dreams or whether or not they look to make money outside and away from what they currently do (school, work, etc), many are looking or want to pursue their dreams. The common response I get from the ones who are not looking or pursuing their dreams are normally one of three reasons: “I am too old/too young,” I don’t have any money,” or “I don’t have any time.” It gets real scary when someone uses all three of these excuses as to why they can’t pursue their dreams or make any money!!

Let’s break down these stumbling blocks to success or excuses, yes I said it- excuses, and find out why so many individuals blindly use these statements without even really stopping to think about what they are saying and if it even makes sense. All they are really doing is regurgitating what they have heard other say to justify where they are in life- plain and simple!

I am too young/too old: In my opinion, this is a crippling excuse. The reason I say that is because you can not choose your age. You start out young and grow older over time. Age is not like attitude where you can choose to have a good one or a bad one. We must all contend with the fact that we will become older whether we want to or not. That being said, it is never too early or too late to chase your dreams. One of the worst regrets that anyone could have is “If I had only tried or done ____.” Don’t let that be you- go out and start chasing your goals and dreams NOW. If you are young and in school, the time to start is NOW!! If you are older and have grown kids and settled into a career for the past 15 years, etc. the time to start is NOW!!

I don’t have any money: I love this one…especially when I ask them if they are open to looking at a way to make extra money. You see, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. This sounds like a lot of people’s New Year’s Resolution, “This year I will make more money or _____!” What usually happens? They don’t do anything and keep doing what they have always done. Therefore, they keep getting what they have always gotten and end up in the same place year after year. The key is, do not overlook an opportunity to make money because of the fear that you will have to invest some money to start. Now I understand that you may not be able to start a business or make an investment of $200,000 if you do not have a lot of money. But what I am saying, however, is don’t overlook an opportunity to make money just because you don’t have the money now. What if you could get started in a profitable business vehicle for under $200? Do you think you could come up with that amount to make more money? People do exactly what they want to do! The same people that claim that they have no money are the same ones carrying a $400 smart phone around! As the saying goes, “You can’t steal second base with your foot on first!” Go ahead and make it happen to change your financial future and go after your dreams. 

I don’t have any time: This has got to be one of the oldest excuses in the book! Listen, we ALL, every single one of us, have 24 hours in a day. Whether we are married with 8 kids, or single and in college, we all get the same amount of time. The key is how we use the time that we have. You will find that successful people are no better than anyone else, they just choose to use their time differently. Take for example, If I told you that I am inviting you for an all expenses paid trip to Europe for 2 weeks, do you think you would be able to find the time to go? The question is not do we have time, but it is am I willing to make the time for my goals and dreams. You must build your life around your goals and dreams rather than trying to build your goals and dreams around your life- they will never come to pass that way. Ask yourself, “How bad do I want it?” You can do anything you want to do, you just can’t do everything you want to do. Whatever you make a priority in your life, you will make the time for.

Do you make any of these excuses? If so, how will you overcome them and get working toward your goals and dreams? Please comment, I would love to hear!!

If you are serious about doing something outside of your current work and/or school to change your financial future or pursue your passions, and would like to find out more about what my wife and I do, please take a few minutes to fill out the questionnaire so that we can find out what you really want and get in contact with you!

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