The Chinese Bamboo Tree

The Chinese Bamboo Tree

If you have been in the Network Marketing business for any length of time, you know that there are ups and downs in your business. People join your team and then quit your team, prospects no-show you, and then are excited about the opportunity. At times you want to lose your mind and wonder if you will ever get you business to grow to the point where you have the time and money, which is why you got into business for yourself in the first place!

In my many years of building a Network Marketing business, my wife and I have had our share of ups and downs with the growth of our business. I can tell you that if you are persistent and consistent, never allowing the doubt to overtake you, your business will grow

While reading a book the other day, I came across a “nugget” that one of my mentors told me at a time where it seemed like no one was joining our business team. We were annoyed, frustrated, upset, and a host of other emotions ran through us. When our mentor shared the story of the Chinese Bamboo Tree, it put everything into perspective. 

Since it had such an impact on my wife and I, I wanted to share it with you. This is a good “nugget” to remember even if you are brand new in business and you have things rolling! Remember, there will be ups and downs. Here is the “nugget” about the Chinese Bamboo Tree:

Do you see how your business can relate to the Chinese Bamboo Tree? You must keep watering and fertilizing you business; generating leads, calling leads, showing your opportunity, educating yourself, etc. After staying persistent and consistent for a period of time, BOOM! Your business will explode!

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Goal Setting

How to Effectively Set and Achieve Your Personal Goals

Pick up any success book, read posts from success blogs like this one, or talk to anyone that has become successful in anything, and a common theme that you will read and hear is that you need to set goals! You should set short term, medium, and long term goals to help you achieve the success that you want. There are essential pieces of the goal-setting puzzle that many people miss. I will explain what these pieces of the puzzle are and they can help you to set and achieve your personal goals. In addition, I will explain how a critical question or self observation can direct you on whether or not your goal is a solid one.

The goals that you set for yourself to achieve any level of success should comprise of at least three types: A short term, medium, and long term goal. Short term goals are the daily goals that you set for yourself. These are the goals that you should be thinking of when you first wake up in the morning and as your head hits the pillow at night. These goals are the daily habits that you do in your life on a consistent, everyday basis. Each day that you go out into the world, you should be expecting to achieve that one daily goal.

Medium sized goals are those goals that you have where you can track them on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. They are the goals that you will accomplish by continuing to meet your short term or daily goals. The daily goals will lead to your weekly, monthly or quarterly goal.

Finally, long term goals are those goals that you can evaluate yearly. Again, the short term and medium goals consistently attained will lead to your overall long term goal for your life. For example, perhaps you are looking to retire early; within the next 1-2 years. You have a business vehicle that will allow you to accomplish that with the right amount of work and effort. Your daily goals may be to network with people on a daily basis and ask or show them how they can be a part of your business team. Maybe it is selling some products on a daily basis. By being consistent and networking or selling a product everyday, you will then be able to meet your medium goal which may be to have a certain amount of people in your business network or a particular monthly sales goal. If you are consistently hitting your medium goals, then over a period of a year or two, you will achieve your long term goal of retiring early! Do you see how this all falls into place? That is why goal setting is crucial to your success. Setting goals helps to steer all of your thoughts and activities into productivity. It is like having GPS for your life. You can follow your daily, weekly/monthly, and yearly goals to direct you where you want to be.

One of the pieces of the puzzle that most people miss are setting proper goals. When I say proper goals, I am not saying that one goal is better than the other, you have to decide that for yourself. What I am saying is that the goals that you set for yourself (short, medium, long) should be attainable with some good effort. There is nothing that will throw you off track quicker in goal setting than to set goals that are just too unrealistic. From the previous example, if you have never networked or sold a product for your business, but you set your goal to meet 10 people per day, you will probably become very frustrated a couple of days into the pursuit of your goal. If you don’t hit your daily goal for 3-4 days, you end up not even trying anymore because it just is not realistic for you to meet that many people right away. So make sure that your goals are far enough out that you need to put in some good, honest work to hit them, but that they are attainable. If you find that the goals that you set are too easy or too hard, you can always go back and adjust them. Just set the goals!!

The second piece of the puzzle is a question or observation that you should make about yourself, and that is: Are your goals forcing you to change? A goal is effective only if it forces you to change. Goals should cause you to stretch and get out of your comfort zones. It will be difficult for you to hit goals without some kind of change on your end. Let the goals help you to become more than you thought that you could be and change for the better! Setting goals and changing can both be scary. However, both are necessary for you to move forward in your life and achieve your personal goals.

Set your goals now! Develop short, medium and long term goals for your life and begin to consistently work toward achieving each of them. You may not hit your goals the first time you set them, but that is okay. For me personally, there are many goals in which I did not accomplish on my first attempt. However, I simply re-set them again and worked hard and consistently until I achieved them. In fact, there are still some goals that I am working on as I write this, but isn’t that what makes life exciting?

Let me know what you did to set and work towards achieving your goals…

To Your Goal Setting!

Ken Cloutier




Who Are You Listening To?

Watch any TV commercial or pick up any newspaper or periodical and you will be flooded with information and opinions on what you should or should not do. The question is, who do you listen to?

It is unfortunate that a large amount of people will listen to, and take advice from, people who don’t have their best interest in mind. Sometimes, it is actually from close friends and loved ones who are trying to “protect’ them from making a mistake or making a bad decision.

Having been in business for a number of years, I have witnessed potential entrepreneurs get SNIOP’d (susceptible to the negative influences of other people). They listened to somebody’s opinion about whether or not they should go into business for themselves or not.

The reality of the situation, is that these people listened to individuals who are have not obtained any type of personal or financial success. These advice givers don’t understand that in order to be in business for yourself and make money, it does require an element of risk- a calculated risk. What the potential entrepreneurs did not take into consideration was the ‘fruit on the tree’ that those people giving opinions had.

How can you expect to learn something from someone that has never done what they are giving their advice about? I have never studied or performed a brain surgery. How crazy would it be for someone to take advice or opinions from me on brain surgery? I have no clue on how to even begin a surgery let alone a brain surgery! Yet that is what so many people do when it comes to their finances and making money. They take opinions from people that are in debt, unhappy, and working in a career going nowhere.

The next time that you are going to take somebody’s opinion that is not going to encourage or support you, see where they are at in life. At your job, have you ever looked at the person who has been with the company for 10+ years and observed how happy they are, what kind of car they drive, where they live, etc? If you like their lifestyle, then continue to follow in their footsteps. If however you don’t, then understand that if you keep following their same path, you will end up where they are.

I have been fortunate to have been able to have a set of mentors that are in life where I want to be. They have given me and my family the ability to have someone to model and follow a script for success. These individuals have been able to put up the warning signs of life and enable us to sidestep any potential potholes that would be around the bend.

How about you? Do you have anybody encouraging you to do more with your life? Do you have somebody who has a vested interest in your success? Do you have anybody that you can listen to in order to help your chances of being successful?

I have helped hundreds of individuals create extra income and secure their financial stability while maintaining their current occupation. I do not claim to be any type of expert, but i’m just a guy who has great mentorship and has figured out a few things for himself. I am willing to help others do the same.

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Look good and feel confident

How to Have the Self-Image of a Rockstar

Self-Image is the single most important aspect of our lives. The best analogy for this is that our Self-Image is like our central nervous system to our body. It controls everything about us. To know the importance of this is critical because your business, career, relationships, and anything else in your life will never outgrow your Self-Image!  I am going to outline 12 different points on how you can have the Self-Image of a Rockstar!

1. Appearance: When you look good, you feel good! Put on that sharp shirt with dress pants and look in the mirror and you feel like a million bucks don’t you? We have all done that before. When you feel good about how you look, your Self-Image will go up and you will walk and talk with greater confidence.

This can also translate over to your vehicle or home. Keeping a dirty car where you have old french fries from two months ago or a messy house is a very good indicator on how you perceive yourself. Don’t you get a great feeling when you get into your clean car regardless of  how old it is or walk into your clean fresh smelling house? Clean up and feel good!

2. Posture: You can increase your Self-Image simply by how you carry yourself. Walk with your chest out and your chin up; like you own the room. Sit upright and uncross your arms. These are all ways in which you can not only raise your Self-Image, but also show others and attract people to you because you have that air of confidence. Study the way successful people you know carry themselves. When was the last time you saw a successful person walking with their shoulders slumped and looking down at their shoes? They all have a posture about them; usually a brisk walk like they are going somewhere- which they are!

Another key aspect of posture is looking people in their eyes. I don’t mean the type of stare where you don’t blink, but looking at people in the eyes when you are talking to them or listening. It amazes me how many people that do not look me in the eyes when I speak with them. Instantly I know that they have a bit of a Self-Image issue.

Speak with confidence. Doesn’t it drive you nuts when you are trying to converse with somebody who has no confidence and they are speaking with little more than a slight mumble? You have to keep asking them to re-state what they just said until you get so sick of it you start nodding your head as if you actually are hearing them. Speak loud and bold so that others can hear you. You may ask “What if I say something wrong?” Who cares!! At least you said it with confidence!

3. Be on time: Nothing shows more disrespect for somebody’s time than showing up late. It also has a negative impact on your Self-Image. It may not seem like a big deal, but you know the feeling that I am talking about; you arrive at a meeting late and open the door and all of the heads turn to you and you reply- “I’m sorry that I am late.” Your Self-Image just took a hit. Be accountable. Leave for your appointment a few minutes early and arrive 5-10 minutes before- even family events. By your actions you are saying “I feel good about myself and care about our appointment.”

4. Manage your money well: This can be tied back into #3 about being accountable. Make sure you are aware of your money and paying your bills, etc. on time. When all of your bills are paid for and you are accountable, you will feel better about yourself. I can remember getting call after call from bill collectors about money that I owed. Needless to say when I got off the phone I didn’t exactly feel good. I felt lower than a pregnant ant! If you have made a commitment to pay for something or give money to someone for an event or tickets, etc- pay them. Guilt will lower your Self-Image.

5. Do what you are supposed to do consistently: We all have responsibilities in our lives and are being pulled in a thousand different directions from our family to careers to friends. Many times we do not want to do what we know we should or have to do. Resisting the temptation to put these things off and doing them even when we don’t feel like it will enhance your Self-Image. Have you started a work out regimen or gone on a diet recently? The first couple of weeks when you work out you feel tired and sore; not really the combination that screams to go to the gym! After a couple of weeks of consistently going to the gym, you actually change your perspective on working out. You feel as though you can’t go a day without working out! The same is true with dieting or cutting out sugar. The first few days/weeks are miserable but then you get to the point where you don’t even crave or want sugar. If you don’t do the things you should do or are not overcoming obstacles, your Self-Image will go backward. Remember, Success = Right Habits!

6. Progressive Goals: Another way to increase your Self-Image is to have progressive goals. These are goals that you increase every month. For example, if you are in sales your progressive goals may be to increase your monthly sales by X%. It may be that you are able to run for 2 miles before you get tired and your goal for next month would be to run 4 miles. These continual goals helps you to move forward and develop the habit of winning which will raise your Self-Image!

7. Pay the full price not the minimum price: Paying a price and overcoming obstacles will raise your Self-Image. Going through struggles will help you to see what you are made of. Too many people look to take the short cut or the paved road of simplicity only to find out that the reward was little to nothing. See how productive you can be- test yourself and you will be surprised how far you can go. Keep in mind that your reward is directly proportioned to the price you pay. The bigger the price, the bigger the reward. Increase your price and you will increase your Self-Image!

8. Don’t speak negative about yourself: Do you cringe like me whenever you hear someone say I can’t do this or I’m not good at that? I hate it! Never speak negative about yourself. Our brains are the greatest computer ever created. It can formulate ideas and solve problems in fractions of a second. However, it is easily programmed to listen to and accept any negative things we say about ourself. Our brain can not decipher whether or not you mean what you say but it takes everything we say to it literally. When you say things like “I am not good with people” or “I can’t remember names” you are programming yourself to do just that. It is just as easy to say that you are good with people or you are good at remembering names. Take the lid off of your capabilities and believe in yourself; this will raise your Self-Image. Speak positive about yourself and your brain will have nothing else to do but have you feeling good about you.

9. Spend time with people that have better Self-Images than you: Get around other individuals who have a high Self-Image. It may be a little bit intimidating at first, but the results will be well worth it. By getting around confident people, you can study how they dress, walk, speak, carry themselves, hear what they talk about, and most importantly, see what they don’t talk about. If you model people with a higher Self-Image than you, your Self-Image will go up as you start adopting their habits and attitudes.

10. Realize that action is the only thing that cures fear: Do what you fear a lot and you will get good at it. You may say that “I can’t talk in front of people.” Well for starters, refer back to topic #8, but how do you know you can’t unless you try it and work at it. Many people were raised to think that if it hurts or feels uncomfortable, stop doing it. My mentor has always said that pain is weakness leaving the body. If you start taking action on what you fear, your Self-Image will rise.Change is taking deliberate, proactive action outside of your comfort zone. Make the changes today and watch your Self-Image soar!

11.  Self-education: Self improvement education goes a long way to increasing and maintaining your Self-Image. I recommend reading positive books and listening to positive audios. Books change you from the inside out. It is like having a personal conversation with the author on how great you are and how you can improve yourself. Audios on the other hand, can help to program your thoughts and attitudes. Be careful what you allow into your mind. Lyrics to songs can be a hindrance to your Self-Image. The beat may be good, but if the song is speaking of negative things or when you sing along with the song, you are putting yourself down, your Self-Image will go down as well. Remember, your brain can not tell the difference- it only acts on the words that you tell it.

12. Build other people’s Self-Image: Build the Self-Image of others around your daily. Notice the little things about someone such as a nice shirt that they are wearing, or maybe they spoke up and made a good point in a meeting that you admired. Your Self-Image will go up when you look for positive qualities in others because you will work to look for the positive in yourself; it becomes a habit! When you serve others, your Self-Image goes up. So take your eyes off of yourself and put it on others.

It is with sincere hope that this article has helped you in some way. Whether you had a very low Self-Image before you read this post, or you were just trying to see how you can improve the good Self-Image you currently have, you must continue to work on yourself on a daily basis.

You may be overwhelmed and thinking how can I possibly do all 12 of these things to improve my Self-Image. My recommendation to you is to start with 1 or 2 topics at a time and work on them for several days until you feel that you have made progress. Then move on to another set. Your Self-Image did not form over night and therefore, will not change over night either. Take it a day at a time and bit by bit you will feel better about yourself.

I do not claim to be the Self-Image guru and, like everyone else, I battle and have to continually work on my Self-Image. When you understand and implement the tools and strategies that I have spelled out above, it is a battle you can be confident of winning!

Please share with me strategies and/or stories of how you have raised your Self-Image! I would love your feedback.

To your Success!

Kenneth Cloutier