6 Stages of Winning

6 Stages of Winning

Winning in anything is not something that just happens, you must plan, work and focus on it. If you talk to any winning athlete, movie star, or business man, they will all have similar qualities and stages that they went through in order to achieve their respective successes. Let’s examine the 6 Stages of Winning that you must go through in order to achieve the success that you want in life.

1. Plan

If you don’t know where you want to go, you will never get there. It does nothing for you to show up to work everyday or go through a regular routine if you don’t know why you are doing it or what you ultimately want all of your hard work to accomplish. The fundamental building block that all successful people have is that they know what they want. Don’t be a rudderless ship being tossed and turned in the sea of life. Set your course and work towards arriving there!

2. Set Goals

When you know where you want to go or what you seek to accomplish, it is absolutely necessary to set goals. Goals are your mile markers towards your ultimate destination. If you wanted to get to California and you were driving from Florida, would you just get in your car and start driving? Of course not! You would map out your driving route and identify some goal markers along the way so that you know that you are on the right route to California. Yet, so many of us have a plan, but we never take the time to set proper goals along the way to help us get to where we want to be. There are basically three types of goals; short, medium, and long term goals. I have explained the specifics of each type of goal in a previous post: How to Effectively Set and Achieve Your Personal Goals that you can learn from and set your personal goals accordingly on your way to winning. 

3. Work

I can hear the moans now! W-O-R-K, do I really have to work? Yes you do! To get anywhere in life that is worthwhile and continue winning, it will take effort and lots of hard work. When I am helping someone in my business, I let them know that it will take work in order for them to accomplish their goals and dreams, and I don’t apologize for that. To be better than average, it will require effort. Today, many people want something for nothing without having to put in any work. We have become a lottery ticket society where we want to spend a dollar and make a million. That simply will not happen. You must be willing to put in work when nobody is looking, when your name isn’t being called or recognized. It is the work behind the scenes that will help you reach your ultimate plan or goal in life. When you watch professional athletes make awesome plays, they have already made those same plays during practice! They worked hard so that during the game it is second nature for them to make the plays that we are amazed at when we are watching them on T.V. Although we all would love something for nothing, we must work our plan and plan our work; it is a part of winning!

4. Sacrifice

Another principle of winning is that you will have to sacrifice some things that you want to do now so that you can do it on your own terms and better later. For example, you may want to go on a family vacation, or build that beautiful home in the country. The question that you must ask yourself is, “Is it the right time to do it now?” If you are truly committed to achieving the plan that you have for your life, sacrificing is part of the process. You may miss birthdays, family reunions, put off having children, etc, but it is for a short period of time. I am not saying that you should alienate family or not have kids, but you must decide what are you willing to give up or put off in order to achieve your dream? When you sacrifice things, you are telling your mind and body that I am committed to achieving what I want and will not let anything get in my way! What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve your dreams?

5. Practice & Persistence

Winning teams first win on the practice field before they ever play in a game. Practicing is simply doing something over and over again and getting repetitions until you get it right. The famous coach Vince Lombardi, who coached the Green Bay Packers, is famous for continuously having his team run the Green Bay sweep over and over and over again until they perfected it. The players hated it, but when it was game time, they were able to run it flawlessly and won many games because of that single play. Do you practice your craft the way they did? Practice is not necessarily fun, and we don’t like to make mistakes, but that is how we will get better and become a winning individual! The other part of practice is being persistent and refusing to lose. We can not always control the results of our practice, but we can control whether or not we are persistent. Being persistent is simply not quitting, and getting up after we have stumbled and fallen. It is doing that thing you need to do (work) one more time even when you have continuously failed over and over. Keep persisting and you will master your craft. Too many people give up just about the time they were going to have a breakthrough. Don’t be that guy or lady! Keep at it with a good attitude and you will achieve the goals that you have set out to accomplish.

6. Focus

So far you have figured out what you want, set your goals to achieve it, decided that you are going to work at your goals, sacrifice things you want to do now so you can do them better later, practice your craft and not give up. The final stage to winning is to focus. With all of life’s distractions, it is very easy to veer of off the road and end up in a ditch. What will keep you on the road to winning is a focus on your dream. Focus is putting your thoughts, actions, attitude, and energy into that which you want to achieve. Another term for focus would be “in the zone.” Have you ever read a good book while sitting in a coffee shop where there were people laughing, talking loud and walking by? If you are enjoying the book, you have a focus and will not be distracted. You don’t even hear what others are talking about or notice the loud laughter coming from the group at the other table. You are completely tuned into the great book that you are reading. That is the type of focus that you must have if you want to win at your plan. 

Study and commit yourself to these 6 Stages of Winning. Being a winner is not easy and it will take some work and effort. If you truly want to win in life, I encourage you to engage yourself in these 6 steps and it will be well worth it. You owe it to yourself to become a winner!

If you enjoyed this post, please comment on steps that you have done to become a winner at your craft.

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To Your Winning!

Ken Cloutier






Goal Setting

How to Effectively Set and Achieve Your Personal Goals

Pick up any success book, read posts from success blogs like this one, or talk to anyone that has become successful in anything, and a common theme that you will read and hear is that you need to set goals! You should set short term, medium, and long term goals to help you achieve the success that you want. There are essential pieces of the goal-setting puzzle that many people miss. I will explain what these pieces of the puzzle are and they can help you to set and achieve your personal goals. In addition, I will explain how a critical question or self observation can direct you on whether or not your goal is a solid one.

The goals that you set for yourself to achieve any level of success should comprise of at least three types: A short term, medium, and long term goal. Short term goals are the daily goals that you set for yourself. These are the goals that you should be thinking of when you first wake up in the morning and as your head hits the pillow at night. These goals are the daily habits that you do in your life on a consistent, everyday basis. Each day that you go out into the world, you should be expecting to achieve that one daily goal.

Medium sized goals are those goals that you have where you can track them on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. They are the goals that you will accomplish by continuing to meet your short term or daily goals. The daily goals will lead to your weekly, monthly or quarterly goal.

Finally, long term goals are those goals that you can evaluate yearly. Again, the short term and medium goals consistently attained will lead to your overall long term goal for your life. For example, perhaps you are looking to retire early; within the next 1-2 years. You have a business vehicle that will allow you to accomplish that with the right amount of work and effort. Your daily goals may be to network with people on a daily basis and ask or show them how they can be a part of your business team. Maybe it is selling some products on a daily basis. By being consistent and networking or selling a product everyday, you will then be able to meet your medium goal which may be to have a certain amount of people in your business network or a particular monthly sales goal. If you are consistently hitting your medium goals, then over a period of a year or two, you will achieve your long term goal of retiring early! Do you see how this all falls into place? That is why goal setting is crucial to your success. Setting goals helps to steer all of your thoughts and activities into productivity. It is like having GPS for your life. You can follow your daily, weekly/monthly, and yearly goals to direct you where you want to be.

One of the pieces of the puzzle that most people miss are setting proper goals. When I say proper goals, I am not saying that one goal is better than the other, you have to decide that for yourself. What I am saying is that the goals that you set for yourself (short, medium, long) should be attainable with some good effort. There is nothing that will throw you off track quicker in goal setting than to set goals that are just too unrealistic. From the previous example, if you have never networked or sold a product for your business, but you set your goal to meet 10 people per day, you will probably become very frustrated a couple of days into the pursuit of your goal. If you don’t hit your daily goal for 3-4 days, you end up not even trying anymore because it just is not realistic for you to meet that many people right away. So make sure that your goals are far enough out that you need to put in some good, honest work to hit them, but that they are attainable. If you find that the goals that you set are too easy or too hard, you can always go back and adjust them. Just set the goals!!

The second piece of the puzzle is a question or observation that you should make about yourself, and that is: Are your goals forcing you to change? A goal is effective only if it forces you to change. Goals should cause you to stretch and get out of your comfort zones. It will be difficult for you to hit goals without some kind of change on your end. Let the goals help you to become more than you thought that you could be and change for the better! Setting goals and changing can both be scary. However, both are necessary for you to move forward in your life and achieve your personal goals.

Set your goals now! Develop short, medium and long term goals for your life and begin to consistently work toward achieving each of them. You may not hit your goals the first time you set them, but that is okay. For me personally, there are many goals in which I did not accomplish on my first attempt. However, I simply re-set them again and worked hard and consistently until I achieved them. In fact, there are still some goals that I am working on as I write this, but isn’t that what makes life exciting?

Let me know what you did to set and work towards achieving your goals…

To Your Goal Setting!

Ken Cloutier