How To Make A Killer Sales Funnel For MLM Leads And Sales

How To Make A Killer Sales Funnel For MLM Leads And Sales

Creating a Network Marketing sales funnel is crucial for building your MLM business online. Generating MLM leads and MLM sales can easily be done if you have a proper sales funnel set up.

A good sales funnel will allow you to attract prospects through Social Media outlets, and then move them through a sales funnel that will eventually end up at an offer or sale. It is very important that you understand this process.

Many Network Marketers and MLM business builders try to short cut the process, usually because they don’t know the steps of a proper sales funnel. Typically, they post links to their page or products all over Social Media and then expect the prospect to buy from them right away. This is NOT the way to get leads and sales for your business!

What many of these novice business owners fail to understand is that the prospect has to know, like, and trust you before they will ever join your company or purchase a product from you regardless of how good it is!

In the video below, I explain and draw out how to create a sales funnel that will convert leads, sign ups, and sales in your MLM business.

How would you like to be able to offer some great content that people want, and then have them go through the funnel to end up joining your business opportunity or buying a product that you are promoting?

Yes? Then let’s go!!

Watch the video below to learn How To Make A Killer Sales Funnel For MLM Leads And Sales!

Here is the system that I use to create funnels and generate leads for my business

Creating a sales funnel to grow your MLM or Network Marketing business is a very important step if you are serious about building your business long term and getting sign ups and sales.

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The Daily Routine for Network Marketing Success

The Daily Routine for Network Marketing Success

There are many facets that you must do on a daily basis to grow your Network Marketing business. The question is, which ones are the most important that will get you the best results? Would you like to know what you should do in your daily routine to succeed in the Network Marketing industry?

In this video, I share with you the top 4 activities that you should incorporate into your daily routine if you would like to succeed in your Network Marketing business. These 4 activities work for both on and offline networking. Watch the video below so that you can learn what these 4 activities are so that you can incorporate them into your daily activities.



So what do you think? Do you think that you can incorporate the 4 activities that will grow your Network Marketing business? You can do it! All that it takes is for you to make a decision to make completing the 4 activities a priority. It doesn’t take any particular talent, only action!

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Discomfort Creates Change

Discomfort Creates Change

We all hate the feeling of discomfort and try to avoid experiencing pain at all costs, don’t we? What if I told you that the ONLY way that you will be able to grow yourself and your Network Marketing business is to actually get out of your comfort zone and experience discomfort? Would you change your thoughts on discomfort, embrace it, and be willing to change? When we are comfortable and not willing to stretch ourselves, we do not grow. The only way to grow is to experience and do things that make us grow beyond what you thought you could do. You may be uncomfortable meeting people, selling products, or exposing your opportunity to people who are are already successful by the world standards, but you must be willing to push yourself beyond your fears. I recorded a short video during a leadership in Key Largo, FL. In the video, I explain how we are like rubber bands; once stretched, we don’t go back to our original state. Enjoy!

So, after watching the video, are you ready to embrace change and leave YOUR comfort zone? If this post/video has helped you and given you a different perspective on fear and change, please share it with your friends and team. Feel free to drop me a comment- I love to hear feedback and thoughts from my readers and viewers!

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passionate about business

Are you passionate about your Network Marketing business?

When I first started in my Network Marketing business years ago, it was like an unwritten rule that you should not say or give the appearance that you are in a Network Marketing business! Fast forward 10 plus years. The economy has not improved the way people thought that it would and people are going backwards financially every day and every year. Today when you mention Network Marketing to people, they either are not familiar with how it works, or they have a positive spin on it. You can ensure that they have a positive spin on Network Marketing and your opportunity by being enthusiastic and having a passion for what you can offer people through your opportunity that they can’t get with any other business model. There are a ton of benefits to Network Marketing that you can offer people; time, money, low start up cost, etc.

The main thing that you are offering other people is YOU! They will get in business with you because they think that you can help them. This is done by showing a passion for your business. Listen as I explain in this video after one of our incredible information sessions! The crickets in the video were all excited too!

When you are passionate about your Network Marketing business, people will naturally be attracted to you and what you are doing. Since the average person out in the world is not passionate about anything, when they see and hear the passion and enthusiasm in your voice and body language, they will want to know what you know that they don’t.

The next time you talk to somebody about your business opportunity, remember this video and make sure you show your excitement and enthusiasm, and then watch how they open up and show the same excitement towards you. Remember this, light yourself on fire (not literally, haha) and people will gather around to watch!

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No Selling

The Proper Attitude & Posture for Business Success

If you are new to business or considering a business opportunity, the concept of offering an opportunity to someone rather than selling it is a big adjustment that many people have to make. Having been in network marketing for a number of years, I have seen many new people get in business excited and ready to tell everyone about their new venture. One of the first things that I caution them against is trying to sell their friends, family, and network on getting in business with them. You see, for the average network marketer, the prevailing thought is that they have to sell someone on getting in business with them. That is a huge misconception. The successful network marketer will simply offer their opportunity to someone and the person will either accpet or reject it.

The mindset that a successful network business owner should have is that they are looking for a board of directors for their business. You want someone who is going to be the right fit and have similar views on business and opportunity. You would not sell people on becoming part of your board of directors would you? No, you would simply share the opportunity with them and if they want to take it, great! If not, great! It is nuts to try to sell or convince someone to make money. They have to want it for themselves, you just provide the opportunity! Remember this: “A man convinced against his will is still unconvined.”

If you go on a job interview, in most cases, the employer is not selling you on taking the job. If anything, you are selling yourself on why they should choose you over other qualified candidates. In network marketing you should take the stance of the employer. People should be selling themselves on why you should help them and not the other way around. Within the model of network marketing, you need people to expand your business and become profitable, but, you don’t need any ONE person. If someone is not excited about joining you in business, then move on to the next. 

When you offer an opportunity and don’t sell it, you have what I call business posture. Business posture is simply a mind set or air of confidence that shows you don’t need just any person. When you have this confidence and business posture, you will attract more people to you. They will take you serious. Generally speaking, people want what they can’t have. You must be prepared to walk away from the deal if you do not feel like the person would be a good fit for your business. If you have the right business attitude and posture, the person with whom you are sitting down and offering the opportunity to should understand and know that you will be successful whether or not they join your business opportunity. There have been many times that I have walked away from a prospective business partner (not in a mean way) whom I did not feel was serious about the opportunity or overly skeptical and untrusting. Would you want to be in a business with someone who didn’t even trust you or seemed as though they were just looking for a get rich quick scheme? You shouldn’t. They will only waste your time and leave you frustrated.

I can’t over emphasize enough that if you are new in business or even thinking about going into business for yourself, please don’t sell your opportunity. Instead, offer it with enthusiasm and the right people will see the opportunity for what it is worth and want to partner up with  you!

If this concept makes sense to you and you would like to learn more about how you can partner with me and my business team, click here now and provide some general information so that we can connect and understand more about how we can help you!!

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Why Network Marketing Makes Sense!

Network Marketing has a long, storied history that dates back to the 1950’s. Over the years it has gotten both good and bad publicity. Recently, however, many people are beginning to understand how Network Marketing can be a very simple and low risk way to make money.

Network Marketing can basically be defined as a company that sells goods or services or both who has distributors that sell the product to the market place via word of mouth. This cuts down the advertising expense to the company and allows the distributor to make the profits that the company would normally use on advertising. The second component to Network Marketing is the ability to add other distributors into their network who do the same thing. When other distributors sell a product, everyone in that network gets a small percentage of the profits. Does this sound familiar? McDonald’s uses the same concept. When Ray Kroc started with McDonald’s, he only had two stores. Understanding the law of duplication, Ray began offering an opportunity to entrepreneurs to purchase a store and he would provide all of the training and supplies. In exchange, the owner of the store was able to keep 98% of the earnings and gave Ray the additional 2%. This was a great deal for both parties involved. The store owner made a lot of money and as more and more stores opened up, Ray made a lot of money. Would your like to have 2% of a million dollars duplicated over and over? That is the essence of Network Marketing. Now that you have an understanding of how Network Marketing works, let’s discuss why it makes sense for the average individual to use it as a way to make money. It is important to understand that Network Marketing is  not for everybody. Then again, what is?

There are tons of Network Marketing companies out there that have many different products. From electronics to phone services to health/consumables and insurance, and many more. It is based on the individual’s preferred product that will help to determine which opportunity is best.

Generally speaking, you are able to purchase products from the company and make money doing it. How neat is it to be able to buy things that you are going to buy anyway and make money back? Think of it as frequent flyer miles that airlines offer. When was the last time that a major supermarket or store in your area actually sent you a check based on a percentage of the products that you had to buy already? Very cool concept, wouldn’t you say? In addition to purchasing your own products, you are now able to sell the products that other people are also already purchasing and using. This allows you to make a profit just like the major stores do that you have been spending your hard earned money with. There is no limit to how much you can sell or earn as it is all word of mouth selling- the best way! Think about the last time that you bought a shirt or a pair of shoes and got complimented. Most likely the person asked you where you bought the shirt or shoes and went to the same store and purchased the shirt, shoes, or even some other clothing. Did the store send you a referral check for the money the new customer spent? Can you see how this works? You put yourself in a position to be able to profit from things that you do already on a daily basis.

Finally, in Network Marketing you are able to offer the same opportunity that you have to others. Notice the word that I used- “offer.” You don’t sell people on getting in business or joining a Network Marketing opportunity, you ID-100105995simply offer it to them as a way to make money. Remember that I said Network Marketing is not for everybody? Some people that you offer the opportunity to are not in a place in their lives where they are looking to create additional income. Maybe they just got a promotion at work or are finishing up a Doctorate degree. Whatever the case may be, they just are not interested in the opportunity. So what? There are millions of other people all over the world that are looking for an opportunity to make money. You just have to sift through people to find the ones
that are serious about making more money. I like to use the example of a waiter or waitress and ketchup. You and another person are at a restaurant and just ordered a burger and fries. The waiter or waitress asks the both of you if you would like some ketchup with your burger and fries. You say no because you don’t like ketchup. Do you think the waiter or waitress takes it personal that you don’t want ketchup? No. They simply ask your friend if they want ketchup and they say yes. It is as simple as that! We all have a circle of influence that would be open to creating some additional money, you just have to ask them.

It is with sincere hope that this article has cleared up any misconceptions or given you a good frame of reference as to what Network Marketing is. It does not matter your educational level, age, or type of job or career that you have. Anyone can use Network Marketing to achieve their financial goals. All that matters for anyone considering a Network Marketing opportunity is that you have a goal in mind and that you are willing to be persistent, work hard in your own business, and can handle rejection.

My wife and I have been part of a Network Marketing business for several years and have successfully helped hundreds of people make money and achieve their financial goals. Just as in anything, there are no guarantees, and please understand that Network Marketing is not a “get rich quick scheme.” Legitimate results requires legitimate effort.

If you are building a Network Marketing business currently, congratulations! Keep at it and don’t ever give up! I wish you the best. If you are looking for a Network Marketing opportunity or just looking for a way to make money in general and would like my help, I would be honored to find out what your goals are and help you to achieve them together. Just click here and I will see you on the other side!

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