How To Make A Killer Sales Funnel For MLM Leads And Sales

How To Make A Killer Sales Funnel For MLM Leads And Sales

Creating a Network Marketing sales funnel is crucial for building your MLM business online. Generating MLM leads and MLM sales can easily be done if you have a proper sales funnel set up.

A good sales funnel will allow you to attract prospects through Social Media outlets, and then move them through a sales funnel that will eventually end up at an offer or sale. It is very important that you understand this process.

Many Network Marketers and MLM business builders try to short cut the process, usually because they don’t know the steps of a proper sales funnel. Typically, they post links to their page or products all over Social Media and then expect the prospect to buy from them right away. This is NOT the way to get leads and sales for your business!

What many of these novice business owners fail to understand is that the prospect has to know, like, and trust you before they will ever join your company or purchase a product from you regardless of how good it is!

In the video below, I explain and draw out how to create a sales funnel that will convert leads, sign ups, and sales in your MLM business.

How would you like to be able to offer some great content that people want, and then have them go through the funnel to end up joining your business opportunity or buying a product that you are promoting?

Yes? Then let’s go!!

Watch the video below to learn How To Make A Killer Sales Funnel For MLM Leads And Sales!

Here is the system that I use to create funnels and generate leads for my business

Creating a sales funnel to grow your MLM or Network Marketing business is a very important step if you are serious about building your business long term and getting sign ups and sales.

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How To Create A Sales Funnel For Business

How To Create A Sales Funnel For Business

If you are building your Network Marketing business online, it is critical that you use a Sales Funnel. There are multiple reasons why a sales funnel is essential for the growth and expansion of your business. A sales funnel is the a streamlined way to take a prospect from not knowing who you are all the way to developing a friendship and potential business partner. If you don’t have a sale funnel in place, you should not be trying to market your business online because you will miss out on all of the opportunities to get prospects, and more importantly, develop a relationship with them. The ultimate goal is to have them join your business team, right?!

Here are a few reasons why you should develop a sales funnel and how it works. In the video below, I explain how to set up a sales funnel and how you can use it on a daily basis.

So how does a sales funnel work and why should you have one?

  1. The first part of a sales funnel is to provide some kind of value with an opt in. This is known as a “capture page.” For example, you may have some information on how to generate leads online. You would share this information on different Social Media outlets promoting the free value based content. In order for a prospect to watch or read the information, they have to provide a name and an e-mail/phone number in exchange for the valuable information. It is an exchange of value information with contact information. 
  2. Once you obtain the prospect’s information, it should go on to an Autoresponder such as MailChimp, AWeber, or any other service. The great thing about an Autoresponder is that the information the prospect enters will automatically go onto a designated list that you create for future contact. By entering their information, the prospect then gets the great information that they are looking for!
  3. When a prospect goes on your created email list, this is called “building your list.” Your list is crucial because it gives you the ability to share more content with the prospect and also develop a relationship with them. You should continue to build your email list by providing content to  the marketplace. I recommend to share good, quality content with this list at least two times per week. When prospects on your list see your info, name, and face, they will begin to get to know and trust you which is what you are trying to accomplish. Remember, your prospect asked you to contact them or else they would not have provided their information in the first place. They are seeking knowledge and expertise that you are able to provide to them!
  4. Once the prospects on your email list begin to know and trust you more, they will be more willing to purchase products from you, join your business opportunity, or be interested in any other offer that you provide. They like you!

In this video, I explain how you can use the sales funnel on a daily basis and get the best results. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions that you may have. I will leave my contact information at the bottom of the video! Enjoy!!


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