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How Can I Help You?

Hello again!

While I was sitting down and thinking of what cool content that I could pass onto you in order to help you on your success journey, it came to me that instead of assuming the type of content and subjects that would be beneficial to you, I needed to simply ask you what content and subjects you would like to see that would be helpful to you!

We are all on different journeys and paths to success. Some of you are building a storefront business while some are building an internet or network marketing business, and still some of you are working your way up the corporate ranks in your career. All of those options are commendable. I think the one thing that we all have in common is that we want to be successful at something and make an impact on other people and in the world. Am I correct? Let’s face it, you did not end up on my blog if you are average or if you are looking to get out of the mediocrity mode! The average person does not subscribe or read content that is put out by an author who’s blog is titled: Get Motivated For Success!

So, I am asking for your help and feedback….

What are some topics or subjects that you would like more coaching or input on? What areas of your life are you looking to improve on that you have not been able to find elsewhere? Are you looking for success principles that you can use for your business or career? Do you want advice or direction on how to develop better relationships, both personal and business? Would you like to learn how to become a better “people person” or a better networker? These are all just ideas that I am throwing out to you to get the brain juices flowing!

I appreciate the fact that you have visited my blog and, quite possibly, have already subscribed to one of my free offers. Therefore, I want to give you valuable content that will benefit you now and in the future!

Please comment or share your thoughts below on how I can help you and increase the value that you will receive by being a regular reader of my blog! All of your thoughts and ideas are important because there are other people out there who have some of the same fears, doubts, dreams and needs that you have.

Ready, Set, Share…!

To Your Success

Ken Cloutier





4 Traits Of A Great Networker

Networking is a fundamental part of all success that can simply be defined as the exchanging of information and building of meaningful relationships between people or groups of people. You need people in order to succeed at whatever endeavor that you pursue. There are two main ways to network, either on-line or off-line. Both are effective and both require similar attributes.

Here are 4 traits of a great networker:

1. Be a giver- Don’t network with other people expecting something from them. You should look to offer them something of value that can truly help them. By doing this, you will attract more people to you and ultimately someone will return your graciousness and help you get the information or connection that you need.

2. Don’t be that guy (or girl)- Have you ever met someone either offline or on a social media platform like Twitter or Facebook and the first thing that they do is try to sell or pitch you their product, opportunity or service? I hate that! If you develop a relationship first, the sale will follow or the person will join your business, etc. If someone tries to sell or pitch their product or service right away before they even get to know me, that is a major turn off and they will not get my support. It is critical that you get to know what the person that you are trying to network with wants first before trying to pitch your opportunity or product. 

3. Make the effort- If you want to network with someone, you need to make the effort to do so. That means you need to reach out to them whether it is introducing yourself in person, or sending them a message/connecting online. When you introduce yourself, tell them why you would like to network with them. Perhaps they are very knowledgeable about something that you are working on and you want their help or opinion. Maybe they are in a particular line of work in which you are very skilled in, and you want to find out the challenges that they face in order to help them with your service/opportunity. 

4. Ask questions- When you have introduced yourself and begin dialogue, you should be asking more questions than talking. People like to talk about themselves so let them talk! Remember, you learn more by listening than you do talking. Asking questions such as, “What caused you to go into business for yourself?” or “What are some of the difficulties that you are having with _____?” These are great, engaging questions that will cause the person you are networking with to open up. When they tell you information about themselves, you can provide them value by offering your product, service or expertise based on the conversation. In turn, they can provide value to you as well; networking is a two-way street. 

Networking is done by everyone in any field of work, business, or schooling. Good networkers are able to work smarter and accomplish more because they can get useful information from others as well as work with them to accomplish mutually beneficial success. If you focus on these 4 traits, you too can become a great networker.

To your networking success!

Ken Cloutier

Millennial Entrepreneur

4 Things All Millennials Should Be Doing

I had the pleasure of connecting with a young 20 year old entrepreneur the other night. He had initially reached out to me on Twitter and we ended up chatting on Skype for about an hour. Looking back, there are a few things that this young man did that all millennials, entrepreneurs, or career minded people should try to emulate.

1. He Networks: As I said before, this young man reached out to me to ask me a few questions and make sure he was on track. That takes a tremendous amount of courage. He understands how powerful networking is and is always looking for ways to learn more from others. Have you had someone that you wanted to speak with but were hesitant? Go ahead and reach out to them, you never know how the relationship you can build and where it can lead!

2. He was prepared: One of the first things that I noticed when we began our conversation was that he was prepared. He had prepared some written questions that he wanted to ask me and, more importantly, he had a pad and pen to take notes. Taking notes is a bit of a lost art form. Don’t just think that you will remember everything in your head. Write it down so that you can review it and refer back to it later. If you write it down, you will remember and understand the information much longer than if you simply try to retrieve it from memory. By being prepared, he understood that my time was valuable. If you ask for someone’s time, respect it. He did just that. I could tell that he had put some thought into the questions that he was asking and it was much appreciated.

3. He has a vision: This young entrepreneur has a vision of what he wants to accomplish and has spent time thinking it through. In addition, he did what so many fail to do, and that is he has taken action. He knows what he needs to improve on as well as the kind of people that he needs to attract to make his vision of his future a reality. He knows where he is going!

4. He has a burning desire: During the conversation, we talked about how many of his friends in college want him to go out and party, etc. You know, the typical college night?! He told me that he very rarely takes them up on his offer because he barely has the time to build his business and do his college school work let alone go out and party. He wants his dreams to become a reality and he understands that time is a very limited and hot commodity. How much time do we waste on things or events that will not move us closer to our goals?

After speaking with this young man, I was very excited for him. It is great to see a young Millennial pursuing his entrepreneurial spirit and not feel like he has to fit in with everyone else. I am looking forward to keeping in contact with him, and if he keeps up his great attitude with a willingness to learn along with his burning desire, he will most definitely become a great success!

To YOUR success,

Ken Cloutier




Why Network Marketing Makes Sense!

Network Marketing has a long, storied history that dates back to the 1950’s. Over the years it has gotten both good and bad publicity. Recently, however, many people are beginning to understand how Network Marketing can be a very simple and low risk way to make money.

Network Marketing can basically be defined as a company that sells goods or services or both who has distributors that sell the product to the market place via word of mouth. This cuts down the advertising expense to the company and allows the distributor to make the profits that the company would normally use on advertising. The second component to Network Marketing is the ability to add other distributors into their network who do the same thing. When other distributors sell a product, everyone in that network gets a small percentage of the profits. Does this sound familiar? McDonald’s uses the same concept. When Ray Kroc started with McDonald’s, he only had two stores. Understanding the law of duplication, Ray began offering an opportunity to entrepreneurs to purchase a store and he would provide all of the training and supplies. In exchange, the owner of the store was able to keep 98% of the earnings and gave Ray the additional 2%. This was a great deal for both parties involved. The store owner made a lot of money and as more and more stores opened up, Ray made a lot of money. Would your like to have 2% of a million dollars duplicated over and over? That is the essence of Network Marketing. Now that you have an understanding of how Network Marketing works, let’s discuss why it makes sense for the average individual to use it as a way to make money. It is important to understand that Network Marketing is  not for everybody. Then again, what is?

There are tons of Network Marketing companies out there that have many different products. From electronics to phone services to health/consumables and insurance, and many more. It is based on the individual’s preferred product that will help to determine which opportunity is best.

Generally speaking, you are able to purchase products from the company and make money doing it. How neat is it to be able to buy things that you are going to buy anyway and make money back? Think of it as frequent flyer miles that airlines offer. When was the last time that a major supermarket or store in your area actually sent you a check based on a percentage of the products that you had to buy already? Very cool concept, wouldn’t you say? In addition to purchasing your own products, you are now able to sell the products that other people are also already purchasing and using. This allows you to make a profit just like the major stores do that you have been spending your hard earned money with. There is no limit to how much you can sell or earn as it is all word of mouth selling- the best way! Think about the last time that you bought a shirt or a pair of shoes and got complimented. Most likely the person asked you where you bought the shirt or shoes and went to the same store and purchased the shirt, shoes, or even some other clothing. Did the store send you a referral check for the money the new customer spent? Can you see how this works? You put yourself in a position to be able to profit from things that you do already on a daily basis.

Finally, in Network Marketing you are able to offer the same opportunity that you have to others. Notice the word that I used- “offer.” You don’t sell people on getting in business or joining a Network Marketing opportunity, you ID-100105995simply offer it to them as a way to make money. Remember that I said Network Marketing is not for everybody? Some people that you offer the opportunity to are not in a place in their lives where they are looking to create additional income. Maybe they just got a promotion at work or are finishing up a Doctorate degree. Whatever the case may be, they just are not interested in the opportunity. So what? There are millions of other people all over the world that are looking for an opportunity to make money. You just have to sift through people to find the ones
that are serious about making more money. I like to use the example of a waiter or waitress and ketchup. You and another person are at a restaurant and just ordered a burger and fries. The waiter or waitress asks the both of you if you would like some ketchup with your burger and fries. You say no because you don’t like ketchup. Do you think the waiter or waitress takes it personal that you don’t want ketchup? No. They simply ask your friend if they want ketchup and they say yes. It is as simple as that! We all have a circle of influence that would be open to creating some additional money, you just have to ask them.

It is with sincere hope that this article has cleared up any misconceptions or given you a good frame of reference as to what Network Marketing is. It does not matter your educational level, age, or type of job or career that you have. Anyone can use Network Marketing to achieve their financial goals. All that matters for anyone considering a Network Marketing opportunity is that you have a goal in mind and that you are willing to be persistent, work hard in your own business, and can handle rejection.

My wife and I have been part of a Network Marketing business for several years and have successfully helped hundreds of people make money and achieve their financial goals. Just as in anything, there are no guarantees, and please understand that Network Marketing is not a “get rich quick scheme.” Legitimate results requires legitimate effort.

If you are building a Network Marketing business currently, congratulations! Keep at it and don’t ever give up! I wish you the best. If you are looking for a Network Marketing opportunity or just looking for a way to make money in general and would like my help, I would be honored to find out what your goals are and help you to achieve them together. Just click here and I will see you on the other side!

To Your Success!

Ken Cloutier