No Selling

The Proper Attitude & Posture for Business Success

If you are new to business or considering a business opportunity, the concept of offering an opportunity to someone rather than selling it is a big adjustment that many people have to make. Having been in network marketing for a number of years, I have seen many new people get in business excited and ready to tell everyone about their new venture. One of the first things that I caution them against is trying to sell their friends, family, and network on getting in business with them. You see, for the average network marketer, the prevailing thought is that they have to sell someone on getting in business with them. That is a huge misconception. The successful network marketer will simply offer their opportunity to someone and the person will either accpet or reject it.

The mindset that a successful network business owner should have is that they are looking for a board of directors for their business. You want someone who is going to be the right fit and have similar views on business and opportunity. You would not sell people on becoming part of your board of directors would you? No, you would simply share the opportunity with them and if they want to take it, great! If not, great! It is nuts to try to sell or convince someone to make money. They have to want it for themselves, you just provide the opportunity! Remember this: “A man convinced against his will is still unconvined.”

If you go on a job interview, in most cases, the employer is not selling you on taking the job. If anything, you are selling yourself on why they should choose you over other qualified candidates. In network marketing you should take the stance of the employer. People should be selling themselves on why you should help them and not the other way around. Within the model of network marketing, you need people to expand your business and become profitable, but, you don’t need any ONE person. If someone is not excited about joining you in business, then move on to the next. 

When you offer an opportunity and don’t sell it, you have what I call business posture. Business posture is simply a mind set or air of confidence that shows you don’t need just any person. When you have this confidence and business posture, you will attract more people to you. They will take you serious. Generally speaking, people want what they can’t have. You must be prepared to walk away from the deal if you do not feel like the person would be a good fit for your business. If you have the right business attitude and posture, the person with whom you are sitting down and offering the opportunity to should understand and know that you will be successful whether or not they join your business opportunity. There have been many times that I have walked away from a prospective business partner (not in a mean way) whom I did not feel was serious about the opportunity or overly skeptical and untrusting. Would you want to be in a business with someone who didn’t even trust you or seemed as though they were just looking for a get rich quick scheme? You shouldn’t. They will only waste your time and leave you frustrated.

I can’t over emphasize enough that if you are new in business or even thinking about going into business for yourself, please don’t sell your opportunity. Instead, offer it with enthusiasm and the right people will see the opportunity for what it is worth and want to partner up with  you!

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To Your Success!

Ken Cloutier