How To Draw People To You

There are basic human hungers in which all people crave. Having an understanding of these hungers will help you to become a person that others are drawn to. This can be in business, at work, in school, or with your family.

Have you ever known of an individual who seems to get along with everybody? They meet someone and a few minutes into the conversation it is as if they had known the other person for years? The reason that this person is able to get along and draw others to him is based on some key principles that I will share.

The first hunger that all humans have is Acceptance. Acceptance is simply letting the other person be his true self without having to put up any facades or being someone who they are not. When we accept others, we take both their strengths and their weaknesses and still like them just the way they are. Nobody is perfect and as a person with a personality that people are drawn to, you understand this and don’t pass judgement on the other individual. In other words, just because someone is not like you, you can still accept and like them anyway.

The second hunger is Approval. Approval is different than acceptance in that acceptance deals with negative aspects of a person in addition to the positive aspects. We accept a person even with their flaws. Approval is finding something that we like in the other person. You can always find something positive about someone just as easy as it is to find something negative about the same person. Your attitude and personality will determine which you focus on. Someone with a great attitude and positive personality will find the good in others, while the person with a negative attitude and negative personality will tend to find the negative in others. Which personality set do you have? One of the best ways to show approval is for you to go out of your way and praise non-obvious things about another person. For example, if you are complimenting an athlete on how well their physique is, that is an obvious compliment. However, if you complement them on something not so obvious like the fact that they are great at writing poetry and the praise will really have a positive impact on them. I know that is a lame example, but you get the point!!

Finally, Appreciation is the third human hunger. When you appreciate something, you place a high value on it. So if you appreciate another person, you are placing a high value on them. When people feel appreciated, they almost automatically like the person who appreciates them and, in turn, places them in high value. The person who draws others to him knows how to show an individual in little ways that he values him. Here are some ways in which you can show others that you value them:

– Thank them

– Treat people as individuals, not as a group

-Make people feel special and not just like everyone else

ID-100129426If you begin using these three principles that all humans crave, you will begin to attract others to you and be that person who seems to get along with any and everyone!For more information on how to develop the personality that others will be attracted to as well as additional principles, click here and register for my free 10 Day Blueprint.

To your successful personality!!

Ken Cloutier





5 Characteristics of a Likeable Person

Do you deal with people on a regular basis? Does your career or business depend on you getting along with people and being liked?

The following 5 characteristics will help you to become a better “people person” and be liked by others more easily and sincerely.

1. Listen more than you talk- Don’t you hate it when you speak with someone who only seems to know the word “I” or “Me”? It seems as though they do not know anybody else exists other than themselves. Likeable people understand they then need to listen more and talk less. They ask questions and actually HEAR what the other person is saying. They use active listening which shows that they care. Active listening means that they are leaning forward, making eye contact, acknowledging and re-stating key points that they hear. Everyone wants to know that they are being heard and listening will make you more likeable.

2. Give without receiving- Likeable people truly give of themselves and provide knowledge and/or expertise without worrying about what they will get in return. Giving is really the only way to establish a relationship and connection with others. By giving freely without expecting anything back in return shows others that you really do put them first and care about them. Try it and watch how good you feel by giving of yourself; you will be liked.

3. Likeable people are humble- In a society where athletes and musicians alike, for example, are quick to say and act as though they are God’s gift to civilization and they are untouchable, never making mistakes. In fact, the opposite will get you much farther. Individuals who are liked by others tend to have a confidence about them but do not feel the need to broadcast it to everyone. Instead they are open to and enjoy learning from others. Which brings me to the next characteristic.

4. Take the spotlight off of themselves and shine it on others- These folks do not care nor want the credit. Instead, they are quick to give the credit to others and will even tell others that they have done a good job and are appreciated. This not only demonstrates what a nice person they are, but the people that they are praising will have respect and like them.

5. They don’t take themselves too seriously- Likeable people are liked largely in part because they are not afraid to admit their mistakes and shortcomings. They are quick to laugh at themselves and don’t take themselves too seriously. By doing this, they let others know that they are REAL and do not look down on others and point out their flaws only. This goes back to be humble and having humility. Nobody is perfect, so they don’t have to act as though they are.

By implementing these characteristics into your own personality, you will begin to attract and draw others to you. We are around others and work with them on a daily basis, why not enjoy them and help to make the world a better place.

To your continued Success!

Kenneth Cloutier