Time for change

Why Successful People Embrace Change (And You Should, Too!)

Insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. Have you heard that before? Many have, yet that is precisely what they do. The same things over and over expecting different results only to find themselves in the same position and unhappy. The only way to break that insane cycle is to change something! Most people hate change because it takes them out of their comfort zone of what they already know. They don’t want to feel exposed or threatened with something that they have not experienced. It is simply the fear of the unknown.

Breaking through this fear of the unknown is exactly how someone can get out of the insanity cycle. They have to be willing to change! With change, anxiety, fear, and mistakes will be felt. However, with change, excitement, adventure, and confidence will obtained. When you overcome the fear of change through takng action, you will see challenges that you had before in a whole new light. If you thought that you could never speak in front of people and then you make changes to your attitude and thought process all while taking action, talking in front of people is no longer a big deal. The key here is that you have to decide to make the changes in order to get different results. We feel like we are already a good person and therefore, don’t need to change. Or perhaps you have a “Well, that is just who I am” attitude. The question that you need to ask yourself is, “Am I happy with where I am at?” If you are happy, then maybe you don’t need to change. If you are not happy with whatever it is in your life, then change is needed and do it now!

The change that is required of you is based on what you want to change the results of. For example, If you are sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck, you need to change your income options. You would either need to make more money at your job, get another job paying more money, or make some money outside and away from your job. Whatever you decide is fine, but you have to do something. The extra money will not magically just show up in your bank account. It will require a conscious decision from you to make one of these options mentioned above happen.

Don’t be afraid to change. In fact, change is a good thing! It allows us to learn new concepts and ideas, experience new situations and environments. The only way to grow is to change. You cannot expect to move further in your career, be a better family person, or make a difference in the world if you are not willing to change who you are today. My mentor always says that you are either growing or dying, but never staying in the same place. Only you can decide to change.

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 To Your Success,

Ken Cloutier



Never worry about what other people think about you again

Do you know someone who is always concerned and worried about what others think about them? Have you ever fallen into that trap?

Recently I was working with a new business owner who I am mentoring, and we were talking about some of his associates that he thought might be interested in an opportunity. He was concerned about what his associates and others would think about him. This prompted me to write this post as I know that there are many other people who struggle with this thought process that is keeping them from succeeding at the highest level.

It is very natural for you to care about what others think about you. It is human nature to want to fit in. The simple fact of the matter is that YOU are the very person who largely can dictate how others view you and think about you. How, you may ask?

Here is the key: People will see you in the very way in which you carry yourself! It’s that simple. If you want to be seen as a shy and timid person, act that way and that is how you will be perceived. If you want to be seen as a confident, outgoing and savvy individual, act that way and that is how you will be treated and thought of. I am not saying that you should try to be someone that you are not, but what I am saying is rather than letting others dictate who you are and being worried about how they view you, show them who you are by how you carry yourself.

Think about the last time that you saw someone who many people respected walk into the room. Would you say that there was a sort of feeling in the air that this individual commanded respect? They probably did not even have to say anything. It was simply how they carried themselves that made people think that this person is a ‘somebody.’

So how do you carry yourself? Do you walk with your head up and a quick pace? Do you offer a firm handshake and look people in the eyes? Do you speak boldly and confidently, loud enough for others to hear you? Or do you walk with your head down at a snail’s pace? Is your handshake and eyes telling others that, “I have no confidence in myself?” Are you speaking low and mumbling so that others are always asking you to repeat yourself? All of this body language speaks volumes to people who are instantly deciding if you are someone that they will want to get to know or follow.

Instead of being concerned about how others think about you, your energy and focus should be on how you carry yourself and the body language that you are giving off. If you want people to see you in a certain way, act that way. Act the way that you want others to think about you!

Tell me how you have overcome worrying about what others think about you.

To Your Success!!

Ken Cloutier






5 Characteristics of a Likeable Person

Do you deal with people on a regular basis? Does your career or business depend on you getting along with people and being liked?

The following 5 characteristics will help you to become a better “people person” and be liked by others more easily and sincerely.

1. Listen more than you talk- Don’t you hate it when you speak with someone who only seems to know the word “I” or “Me”? It seems as though they do not know anybody else exists other than themselves. Likeable people understand they then need to listen more and talk less. They ask questions and actually HEAR what the other person is saying. They use active listening which shows that they care. Active listening means that they are leaning forward, making eye contact, acknowledging and re-stating key points that they hear. Everyone wants to know that they are being heard and listening will make you more likeable.

2. Give without receiving- Likeable people truly give of themselves and provide knowledge and/or expertise without worrying about what they will get in return. Giving is really the only way to establish a relationship and connection with others. By giving freely without expecting anything back in return shows others that you really do put them first and care about them. Try it and watch how good you feel by giving of yourself; you will be liked.

3. Likeable people are humble- In a society where athletes and musicians alike, for example, are quick to say and act as though they are God’s gift to civilization and they are untouchable, never making mistakes. In fact, the opposite will get you much farther. Individuals who are liked by others tend to have a confidence about them but do not feel the need to broadcast it to everyone. Instead they are open to and enjoy learning from others. Which brings me to the next characteristic.

4. Take the spotlight off of themselves and shine it on others- These folks do not care nor want the credit. Instead, they are quick to give the credit to others and will even tell others that they have done a good job and are appreciated. This not only demonstrates what a nice person they are, but the people that they are praising will have respect and like them.

5. They don’t take themselves too seriously- Likeable people are liked largely in part because they are not afraid to admit their mistakes and shortcomings. They are quick to laugh at themselves and don’t take themselves too seriously. By doing this, they let others know that they are REAL and do not look down on others and point out their flaws only. This goes back to be humble and having humility. Nobody is perfect, so they don’t have to act as though they are.

By implementing these characteristics into your own personality, you will begin to attract and draw others to you. We are around others and work with them on a daily basis, why not enjoy them and help to make the world a better place.

To your continued Success!

Kenneth Cloutier