How to handle objections-"I want to think about it"

How to handle objections-“I want to think about it”

Handling objections can be a tricky thing if you have not learned how to effectively answer them. If you have encountered objections from prospects when looking to sponsor reps into your Home Business opportunity, you may have felt stumped and at a loss for words, which can be very frustrating! One of the objections that I struggled with early on in my Home Business career was the “I want to think about it” objection. It used to stop me right in my tracks because if I said anything other than, “okay,” I felt like I was being pushy or coming across like a pushy salesman.

I would say things like, “what do you need to think about?” or “do you need to think about making money or saving money?” None of these rebuttals worked because they would just answer again that they needed to think about it!

In the video below, I show you the exact method of how to overcome the “I want to think about it” objection and what you can do to have more success in sponsoring reps into your Network Marketing business! It may be different from what you have heard in the past, but it is very effective!

How to handle the "I want to think about it" objection

Have you been stumped before when a prospect tells you that they want to "Think about it?" I have a ton of times! In this video, I share with you what one of my mentors taught me on how to overcome the "I want to think about it" objection and the Psychology of how to do it.***If you would like more teaching on how to handle objections for your Network Marketing business, CLICK HERE:

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This method seems pretty easy, right? If you learn how to manage the conversation, and you maintain your control and posture, you will have much more success in handling objections!

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Overcoming Objections in Network Marketing

Overcoming Objections in Network Marketing

If you are new to Network Marketing or have been in the industry for any length of time, you are probably all too familiar with excuses…errr, I mean objections, that people make when presented with your business opportunity. You are asking them or showing them how to work on a side project where they can make extra money, and they still come up with bone headed objections or some preconceived notions/questions that they spout out based on very limited information. Many Network Marketers struggle with objections and therefore are not able to sponsor as many people into their business as they would like. 

Handling objections is really quite simple when you understand where they are coming from. Many times these questions are not even asked as a real reason that they are considering you opportunity. Instead, they are asking to see if you shake in your boots while taking note on how you react. They are, in a sense, challenging you to see how passionate you are and how much you believe in your business. If they do not feel that you believe in your business, or have passion, they will most likely not want to join you and follow your leadership or be mentored by you.

In this video I will show you how to handle 3 very common objections. I want you to really pay attention to how you handle virtually any objection that you will hear. 



Did you notice how you can handle most objections? Answer the objection with a question to get your prospect to stop and really think about what they just said. Many people rattle off objections that they have heard all of their lives so that they do not have to make a decision. You see, most people don’t make many important decisions. Growing up their parents and teachers made their important decisions for them. Once they got out of school, their bosses now make their decisions. So you can understand why they are prone to make excuses of have objections because they are faced with an important decision. By helping people overcome some objections, you can help them to make a quality, educated decision for themselves and their future! If you follow these tips that I provided you,in addition to helping others, you will become a sponsoring machine!

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