12 Destructive Habits That Are Keeping You Stuck

12 Destructive Habits That Are Keeping You Stuck

12 Destructive Habits That Are Keeping You Stuck– As individuals we all have habits. Some of them are good habits and others are not good at all! In fact, the habits that you have help to shape the life that you are living right now. Show me a successful person, and I will show you a person who has many more positive habits than not. On the flip side, show me a person who is not successful and is barely getting by, and I will show you a person that has more bad habits than good ones.

Understand that it is these bad habits that you have that is keeping you stuck and stagnant in your personal, professional, business, relationships, and just about every other part of your life. If you want to improve on any one of these pillars, it will require you to STOP keeping yourself stuck in your bad habits.

Below are 12 Destructive Habits That Are Keeping You Stuck! How many of these habits do you have?

1. You don’t believe in yourself

Believing in yourself is basically the same as your self-esteem. If you want to be successful in anything, you must first believe in you- that you are capable and good enough! Read books that will help you to build up your self-esteem!

2. You don’t own your unique self

Be YOU! There is only one of you and nobody the same. Let your true self shine through! You will be happier for it and you will also attract the right people into your life that were meant to be a part of it!

3. You compare yourself to others

Don’t do it! You will drive yourself mad trying to be someone else that you are not. Every single one of us has a different path to success. Stop trying to look at others as a benchmark for where you should be. Just be yourself and continue to strive to become a better person, and everything else will take care of itself.
4. You care too much what other people think

Only you know what is best for you and your family. Forget what other people think about you or your decisions. My motto is if they are not paying my bills, I am not worried about what they think. Follow your heart and live with no regrets! Caring what others think about you will make you very unhappy and leave you feeling paralyzed because you have to gain approval from others before you can do anything- STOP!
5. You surround yourself with negativity

People will either bring you up or they will bring you down. There are toxic people and non-toxic, supportive people. Surround yourself with the latter. How can you expect to live a positive, fulfilling life if you are constantly battling negative. Sometimes just like in Facebook, you need to “unlike” people! Unlike the negative people in your life and watch the sun start to shine through the clouds in your life!
6. You indulge in pessimism

Ahhh, the proverbial glass half full or half empty! Well which is it? Your answer will reveal if you need to work on this!
7. You criticize yourself relentlessly

I am my number one critic, and I assume you are your number one critic as well. Self criticism is good for you to a point because it helps us stand back and evaluate ourselves. We want to be the best we can be, right? However, if all you ever do is beat yourself up, you are not putting yourself in a position to become the best you can be. All of the negative self-talk will actually convince your subconscious mind to do exactly what you tell it. Are you telling your subconscious mind to do good things or bad things? Are you telling yourself that you are awesome or an idiot? The choice is yours!
8. You don’t trust yourself

So we have all made mistakes. I have made many more than I have time to share!! Trust yourself and your abilities. You can make the right move if you just trust your heart and the little voice on your shoulder telling you the positive move to make. It goes back to your self-image and self-esteem. Work on them and you will trust yourself more.
9. You don’t let yourself speak up

Don’t be afraid to speak up or stand up for yourself. If you believe in something strongly or have an opinion that can help a situation, speak up. If you don’t speak up, you will never be heard. You have great points and ideas that people can learn from or take into consideration. Speak up and live out loud!!
10. You’re no longer curious

Curiosity is the basis of learning. Why do babies learn so quickly? They learn quickly because they are curious. Curiosity is what all great inventors had, they just continued to follow through on their curiosity. You can not expect to move forward from where you are if you are not curious or inquisitive about the world around you. Look into things on a deeper level and you will learn so much! Stay curious!
11. You dismiss compliments

I had to work on my wife with this. When someone would compliment her, she would reply with a negative comment about herself. Even if you are embarrassed when someone compliments you, just say “thank you!” When you dismiss compliments, you are actually dismissing the person who gave you the compliment. Don’t make them feel bad for complimenting you. Heck, you should feel great that someone had something nice to say about you. The world craves people to accept and value them. That is what a compliment is doing; it says that, “You are a good person with value and I am pointing that out to you!” Never again dismiss a compliment :)
12. You limit yourself

One of my dear mentors asked me a question when I was a new Entrepreneur. He said, “What would you attempt if you knew that you could NOT fail?” We limit ourselves in our thinking. You can do anything you put your mind to. Like the great Napoleon Hill said, “what ever the mind can conceive, and believe, the mind can achieve!” Never forget that, and don’t limit yourself.

So after reading this, how many of these 12 Destructive Habits That Are Keeping You Stuck do you have? Don’t try to fix all of them at once. Take 1 or 2 at a time and work on them. Once you have turned the bad habit into a good habit, move on to the next. 

Did you get value from this post? If you did, please share this and comment below. Let me know if you can think of any other destructive habits that might keep people stuck.

To Your Success,

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6 Ways to Develop Persistence for Your Success

6 Ways to Develop Persistence for Your Success

The most interesting thing about a postage stamp is the persistence with which it sticks to its job. – Napoleon Hill

Developing and maintaining persistence is a critical skill to success. It is easier to relax and do nothing, or just live in our comfort zone, rather than face the uncertainty and discomfort of pursuing and working tirelessly towards our goals. For many people, particularly entrepreneurs, the idea of failure and struggle is a tough pill to swallow!

However, if you want to create change in your life and achieve success, it is essential to develop and master persistence. Here are 6 ways to help you develop persistence:

  1.  Identify Your Needs, Wants and Desires

If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else.  – Lawrence J. Peter

Before you can develop persistence and eventually achieve success, you need to first identify your needs, wants or desires (Goals). You can do this by simply writing down the specific things that you want to have or accomplish. List all of your needs, wants, and desires regardless of how hard or impossible they seem to achieve at the present moment. These goals will act as a compass to help direct you and your actions to where you want to be. Writing down your needs, wants, and desires will also allow you to look back and reflect on what you really want. This will provide the motivation and encouragement needed, at times, when you have failure and setbacks; because it will happen. 

  1.   Figure Out What Your Motivation Is

Motivation comes from within, and it is the deep reason or cause of why we want to achieve or have something. If you know why you’re doing what you’re doing, it gives you more energy and conviction to keep pushing forward towards the attainment of your goals (needs, wants, and desires).

For an instance, if you want to build a successful and profitable Home Business, it takes time, energy, sacrifice, and patience. If you don’t have enough motivation, a reason why you need to build a business, you most likely will never take the actions necessary to build the business. However, if you’re motivated by the thought of having time and money freedom, as well as influencing and teaching millions of entrepreneurs, only then will you keep pushing yourself to work on building your business.

  1.  Outline Your Action Steps (Game plan)

Identifying your needs, wants, and desires paints the picture of what you want to achieve. Determining what your motivation is shows the reasons why you want to achieve your needs, wants, an desires. Once you know your “what” and “why”, outlining your action steps is necessary to know how you will be able to achieve your goals.

When you know how to get what you want, it makes it easier to achieve, and makes it more realistic in your mind. Knowing the “how” is only part of the equation, however. You will then need to pinpoint and plan what action steps need to be done on your part to reach your goals. It is important to be very specific on each action step that you need to take. For example, “Share your business opportunity to 5 prospects per week.” This would be a very specific action step that you can do in order to grow your business. How many action steps can you think of to help quicken the growth of your business? Select them, and then get to work on them!

  1.  Keep a Positive Mental Attitude

The road to success is not easy. In fact, it is down right challenging! This is why so few people succeed; they give up too early because they don’t believe that they can succeed. Many times it is because of the lack of a Positive Mental Attitude. There will be many times that you will stare into the eyes of defeat and failure. If you do not have a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA), you will succumb to negative thoughts, fear, and doubts of not only yourself, but of others as well. I talk about the importance of having a Positive Mental Attitude in several other posts throughout my blog.

In order to develop persistence and eventually succeed in your endeavor, it is critical to always maintain a positive mental attitude regardless of your situation. Keep your thoughts maintained on taking consistent action towards your goals. Avoid negative thoughts and feelings at all cost, because it will ruin your focus and persistence needed to achieve your goals

  1.  Build A Mastermind Group

A Mastermind Group consists of people who can help you succeed and achieve your goal. Many times they are people that share similar goals and dreams or they can even be your mentors. Be sure to choose this group of people carefully. If possible, include only those who can give you unbiased judgments and who also has a Positive Mental Attitude. You can’t afford to waste your time and energy listening to cynical advice and pessimistic people. These types of people will not help you succeed. Instead, they will drain your energy and confidence which will eventually lead to your failure.

  1.  Develop Discipline and Good Habits

All of your goal-setting and planning will go to waste if you don’t develop discipline and good habits.

There will be plenty of road blocks and challenges that will come your way to distract you from moving toward and achieving your goals. Without the proper discipline and habits in place to keep you focused, it will be easy for you to simply give up, or get so far off track that it will be hard for you to get back on the road to your success. Maintaining discipline and good habits can help you stay the course, even when difficulties arise!

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. – Jim Rohn

Persistence is a key success principle you must partake in to achieve your goals and dreams. Commit to use and learn these 6 ways to help you develop persistence and you will become unstoppable! I believe in you :) 

What other ways can you add to this list that will help to develop persistence?

To Your Success!

Ken Cloutier