Time for change

Why Successful People Embrace Change (And You Should, Too!)

Insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. Have you heard that before? Many have, yet that is precisely what they do. The same things over and over expecting different results only to find themselves in the same position and unhappy. The only way to break that insane cycle is to change something! Most people hate change because it takes them out of their comfort zone of what they already know. They don’t want to feel exposed or threatened with something that they have not experienced. It is simply the fear of the unknown.

Breaking through this fear of the unknown is exactly how someone can get out of the insanity cycle. They have to be willing to change! With change, anxiety, fear, and mistakes will be felt. However, with change, excitement, adventure, and confidence will obtained. When you overcome the fear of change through takng action, you will see challenges that you had before in a whole new light. If you thought that you could never speak in front of people and then you make changes to your attitude and thought process all while taking action, talking in front of people is no longer a big deal. The key here is that you have to decide to make the changes in order to get different results. We feel like we are already a good person and therefore, don’t need to change. Or perhaps you have a “Well, that is just who I am” attitude. The question that you need to ask yourself is, “Am I happy with where I am at?” If you are happy, then maybe you don’t need to change. If you are not happy with whatever it is in your life, then change is needed and do it now!

The change that is required of you is based on what you want to change the results of. For example, If you are sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck, you need to change your income options. You would either need to make more money at your job, get another job paying more money, or make some money outside and away from your job. Whatever you decide is fine, but you have to do something. The extra money will not magically just show up in your bank account. It will require a conscious decision from you to make one of these options mentioned above happen.

Don’t be afraid to change. In fact, change is a good thing! It allows us to learn new concepts and ideas, experience new situations and environments. The only way to grow is to change. You cannot expect to move further in your career, be a better family person, or make a difference in the world if you are not willing to change who you are today. My mentor always says that you are either growing or dying, but never staying in the same place. Only you can decide to change.

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Ken Cloutier



Crush Your Fears

Fear is something every human experiences. Some fears have been ingrained in us at birth; the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. Every other fear that we have is a learned event. Even the most successful people that you can think of have certain fears and doubts. What made many of these people successful is how they overcame their fears and pressed on towards their goals.

So how do they do it? Can you think of a fear or doubt that has held you back from achieving your goals and dreams? What led you to that fear and what have you done to overcome it? The good news is that If you understand what causes fear, it is possible to overcome the fear and move forward!

Let’s start with what fear actually is. Fear is: False Evidence Appearing Real. Yes that’s right, fear is actually all in your mind. Many fears that you or I have is actually actions played out negatively in our minds. Let’s say that you are “fearful” of talking to people that you don’t know or starting a conversation. When you think about how to start a conversation, all you think about is “what if the person does not want to talk to me?” or “what if the person ignores me and I look foolish?” You play out all of the negative outcomes in your head and then do not talk to the person. In order to destroy that false thought process, you should change your thought process to “what if I talk to that person and we hit it off?…I have made a new friend, possibly a best friend!” It is all about having positive expectations that good things will happen when you take action. Whenever you are faced with a fear, the first thing to do is to change your thought process and start thinking of the positive outcomes rather than the negative ones.

So now that you have changed your thought patterns about your fear and the negative actions associated with it, the next step in overcoming your fear is taking action. I’m sure that you have heard this before that action cures fear. It’s true!

When you take action against your fear, you will find out that what you feared so much was all in your head and everything works out just fine. It is like the Wizard of Oz- there is nothing behind the curtain! Let’s re-visit the earlier example of talking to someone new or starting a conversation. If you take action and go ahead and break the ice with a stranger, more times than not, they will give you a positive response and you will realize that you had nothing to fear after all. Action cures fear!!

 Each time you take action against the very thing you fear, it will get easier and easier. Think about the first time you learned how to swim. Chances are you were a little bit afraid of the water and did not want to let go of your mom or dad for fear of drowning. However, once you began to learn how to float and swim, your fear of drowning went away. Now you are doing flips off of the diving board and have not one thought about drowning or being afraid of the water. Action cures fear!! Having fear is a natural human element. Many people let fear hold them back from becoming all that they were meant to be. Don’t let fear knock you down. Look fear right in the eyes and do the very thing that you are afraid of. When you face your fear and take action, you will begin to feel better about yourself and your confidence goes up. Who would not want to feel better about themselves and be all that they were meant to be? Destroy your fear!

Oh, and did I mention, Action cures fear!

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To you Success!

Ken Cloutier