Common MLM Mistakes Keeping You Broke

Common MLM Mistakes Keeping You Broke

MLM mistakes are very common among newbies and veterans alike. Regardless if you know you are making mistakes in your business or not will still result in the same result…They will keep you broke!

Avoiding some of these costly mistakes will allow you to grow and maintain your MLM business. After all, you work hard to build it, right?

These Network Marketing tips that I am going to share with you are not just your typical MLM tips for beginners, but if you have been in business for any length of time, you have probably made some of these exact errors. I know I did!

In the video below I point out 12 common mistakes that are keeping your broke! Write these MLM tips down and see if you or your team are making these same errors. Many of these mistakes that I talk about your upline isn’t even teaching you! Grab a notepad and pen and let’s get started!

More Tips & Tricks On Growing Your Business

Do you see how these mistakes can effect the growth of your Network Marketing business opportunity and keep you broke? You work too hard to build a profitable business, and I would hate to see you struggle unnecessarily!

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The MLM Success Formula

The MLM Success Formula

MLM success or otherwise known as Multilevel marketing is largely based on you exposing your business opportunity to prospects with the idea of them joining your business team and building their own empire!

Through this process, many network marketers, both new and old, are failing badly on how to and more importantly when to bring up their business opportunity. They are operating from a position of weakness, and are so quick to throw up all over their prospect about their business opportunity. This is why so many people think of MLM as a buch of people “pitching” a business. Instead, there is a way that you can simply bring up your opportunity with little to no resistance if you will follow a simple MLM success formula.

What if I were to share with you some mlm tips for beginners and veterans alike on how to know exactly when to bring up your MLM business opportunity? Do you think you would have more Multilevel marketing success if you had a strategy on when it was appropriate to offer your opportunity?

This MLM success formula is very simple and easy to remember. It should be one of the first lessons that every Network Marketer/MLM distributor shares with their new person. Sort of a “MLM success tips for the newbie” type of teaching.

There are 3 parts to the MLM success formula…

Watch the video below where I break these 3 parts down so that you will know exactly when to bring up your business opportunity to your prospects.


Simple, right? That is the Million dollar MLM success formula in a nutshell that can be taught and duplicated throughout your team.

Imagine if you had a whole team of distributors with the same mindset and strategy of this formula!

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MLM Tips To Talk To Your Chicken List

MLM Tips To Talk To Your Chicken List

MLM tips are something that every Network Marketer or Home Business owner can use. In this post, I am going to share with you some MLM tips and tricks on how you can talk to or engage with your “chicken list!”

What is a “chicken list?” A chicken list are those individuals who you would like to talk to about your business opportunity, but you are intimidated by them. Usually the people on the chicken list are people who you respect and value their opinion. Furthermore, many times these prospects on your chicken list are doing well financially, and you may feel that they would never want to join your business.

I have good news for you! It’s not your fault!! You have never been properly taught the MLM tips on how to approach your chicken list, or been given the correct mindset on how to engage with them. Your upline or the mentor that is helping you most likely told you to write down a bunch of names on a piece of paper, which you did. The names that you wrote down were probably people who you are doing better than financially, or you KNOW that they need to make money.

The reality is, most of the time it is in the chicken list that lies the true go-getter and ambitious people that you know! That is why you are intimidated and haven’t asked them if they are open to your opportunity. Crazy, right?

These Network Marketing tips on how to approach your chicken list that I share with you in the video below will help you to approach your chicken list with confidence!! These are very useful MLM tips for beginners that you can share with your team as well.

Instill the mindset that I spoke about in the video when approaching your chicken list, and you will have much more success!

Additional Information On Talking To Prospects


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