Walk Away

Walk Away

Do you feel like you are trying to drag people to success? Are you getting tired of “selling” people on why they should get in business with you or why they should see your opportunity? Well I have a solution for you!

Before I give you the solution, I want you to understand that prospecting and recruiting for your Network Marketing business is 98% attitude. You need to understand what it is that you bring to the table and understand that you are able to offer a phenomenal opportunity that can change the lives of the people who take advantage of it.

In the video below, I offer you a solution if: you are getting no-showed at the coffee shops when trying to show your business opportunity, people tell you that they are going to get in business with you and don’t, prospects don’t think that Network Marketing will work for them, and multiple other situations that you encounter. Enjoy the video and please leave me a comment if you got value from this post!

Walk AwayDo you ever feel like you have to talk people into joining your team? Do you feel like you are constantly dragging and bugging people to see your business opportunity? I have the SOLUTION for you! WATCH NOW!
Posted by Get Motivated For Success on Wednesday, August 19, 2015

There are too many people in the world to get caught up on one or two prospects. If you take this attitude, you will not waste any more time on the people who shouldn’t be in your business, but you will spend the time helping to change the lives of others; and changing the world!!

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Money Matches Your Mindset

Money Matches Your Mindset

Money matches your mindset! You have probably always heard successful people say that success is an attitude or a thought process, I know I have. Did you ever really stop and think about the impact that your mindset has on your ability to make or attract money?

Before my wife and I became entrepreneurs and started building an online business, we were very proficient at the principle that I am going to share with you on how to have money match your mindset and what that means to you. The problem that we had, concerning our thoughts, was that it was the exact opposite of what I am going to teach you! We operated from a lack mentality and essentially repelled money away from us based on the way that we spoke and how we thought about money.

My wife and I are college educated people who did what we were taught to do; go to school, get good grades, and then get a good job. The issue was not that we weren’t capable of making money and attracting it to us, the issue was that we did not know that our very actions and thought process was making money run from us! We started to learn from very successful people and invest a lot of time an money to educate ourselves and change our thought process and learn how successful people are able to attract money and their success.

In this video below, I am going to share how your thought process has basically chased money away from you and how you can begin to get it chasing after you instead! Please understand, that it is not your fault that you have been repelling money away from you. In most cases,you have been raised to think about money in a certain way; most likely that you need to make money, and then save it, holding on to it with everything that you have. It is a thought process that most people have been brought up by. I am going to reveal a couple of secrets that you can begin using today that will help you to begin attracting money to you rather than repelling it.

Watch the video below and learn how Money Matches Your Mindset:

Are you ready to change your financial future? If you are, you must change your mindset about money so that it matches the amount of money that you desire. It significantly changed the financial future for my wife and I when we committed to change our mindset. The great thing about changing your mindset is that anybody can do it, even YOU!

I would like to hear how you have or plan to change your mindset and any feedback that you have. Please share this post with anybody that you feel could benefit from this information.

To Your Success,

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success principles 101

Success Principles 101

In May of 2014 I had the honor of being invited to be a co-host and participate in a “tweet chat” about Success Principles with Lynette Gilchrist of Young Dream DiggersIn this tweet chat, Lynette asks me some great questions on what Success Principles are and what it is that successful people do differently. 

I wanted to share this chat with you so that you can learn what the Success Principles are. Once you understand what the principles are, you can then apply them to all aspects of your life, whether you are an entrepreneur or looking to advance your career. You can take the principles learned and improve every aspect of your life!

We also went on to discuss how successful people think differently than the majority of people. There are certain qualities and thought processes that successful people have learned. The great thing about success is that nobody is born successful, but that success is learned through using the principles discussed in the chat and then taking action! Isn’t that great news? No matter what you upbringing was or where you are now in your life, you can learn the principles and methods of successful people; You can become successful if you choose to!

I appreciated the opportunity that Lynette provided me to expose people to the Success Principles through the tweet chat and the value that she sees in teaching the younger generation the importance of understanding these principles and how they can apply them in their lives. 

To see the tweet chat, click on the link below for the transcript of the chat that we did. As always, please comment and leave me some feedback to let me know how these principles have helped you or which principles that you will implement into your life moving forward.

Enjoy the chat!

Here is the link >>> http://bit.ly/1B9MyMY <<<

To Your Success,

Ken Cloutier

Do You Have A Mindset For Business Success?

Every significant endeavor or business plan has a beginning– it comes from the mind, the source where every activity flows from.

Before you jump onto “Success Interstate”, one of the first things that you must prepare is your mindset.

What does it mean to create the right mindset for success? Here are a few suggestions:

•Making money in ANY business is NOT a get rich quick scheme. You don’t just get in business and have money deposited into your bank account. It takes hard work and dedication to keep pressing forward in order to profit.

•You must spend some time educating yourself in your business or endeavor. Simply picking up a couple of books will not make you an expert in your field or market. Study others who have already succeeded in what you are trying to do. This takes some time and effort. After all, how long did it take you to get your university degree?

•Invest time for trial and error. No one gets it ‘right’ on the first try. Be ready for setbacks and failures, but learn from them and then get up off the canvas and battle again!

•You will deal with negative people who will try to tear your dream and goals down. There are many people who are too scared to step out and try something different. By you attempting something great, you make them uncomfortable and take away all of their excuses to try and succeed. In turn, they will try to drag you down with them to make themselves feel better. Some of the resistance will come from your friends, close relatives, co-workers, or even your BOSS! If you do not have the right mindset and persistence to keep pushing forward, they will steal your dream.

•Be like a dog on a bone- be ready to be “in it to win it!” Like in any business, if you are not prepared for the long haul with the peaks and valleys of business, you will quit midway because you have put in a half-hearted effort to succeed. Keep this thought in mind when things get tough: How badly do you want success?

Commit yourself to developing your mindset for success and enjoy the journey on “Success Interstate!”

To your success,
Ken Cloutier