How to give value in business

What does it mean to give value in business and how do you do it?

Do you know what it means to give value to the marketplace? Did you know that by adding value you will be able to sponsor more people into your business? When I first heard that in order to attract people to my Network Marketing business online, I had to provide value to the marketplace, I didn’t really understand what that meant. I began studying and looking into how to give value and learned about Attraction Marketing. I really began to understand what it meant to give value in business and I wanted to share it with you.

In this video, I explain what it means to provide value to the market and 3 ways that you can do it. As an added bonus, I have also given you a simple formula that you can start using today to give value to others.



Did this video help you to understand why you should give value and how? When you give value to your target market, they will want to know what you do and what you know. You will attract people that are looking for the information that you provide which can lead to a great business relationship! Take the information that you learn and begin to teach it. As I said in the video, that is one of the parts of the formula that is usually overlooked.

If you would like to learn more information on methods of providing value and getting targeted leads for your Network Marketing or Home Business, fill in your information and be prepared to explode your business!

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Ditch Digger or Multi-Millionaire…What’s the Difference?

“The difference between a ditch digger and a multi-millionaire is the way that they think.” That is what several of my mentors have taught me since I was 23 years old! They always say that success is an attitude, not a destination.

So what is your thought process? Do you have a thought process for your success? Changing your thought process for success is not easy but it is possible with the right effort and dedication. Most of our thought process has been directed to think mediocre and average. We get our thought processes from family, school, co-workers, bosses, and friends. If you are looking to step out of mediocrity and into success, it will take changing your thought process to make that happen.

How do you change your thought process? For starters, it helps to associate with other successful individuals so that you can learn what they know and understand what they think so you too can adapt their thought process. Another way to change your success thinking is to invest in yourself through books and audios where you can learn from multi-millionaires while you are driving your car to work, etc.

When you start thinking differently and your thinking is geared toward success, you will take action toward your goals and not waste time. For example, if you know that you need to make some calls or meet people to expand your business prospecting, you will want to take those actions instead of wasting time doing things that don’t matter and procrastinate. It is simply a matter of discipline; doing what you know you should do even if you don’t feel like doing it.

Are you ready to climb out of the ditch or rut of your day to day corporate life? Do you want to learn how you can actually make money from home and be able to pay your bills, travel, and have plenty of money and peace of mind? If this sounds like you, then click here to find out how you can begin to take charge of your life NOW!

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Do You Have A Mindset For Business Success?

Every significant endeavor or business plan has a beginning– it comes from the mind, the source where every activity flows from.

Before you jump onto “Success Interstate”, one of the first things that you must prepare is your mindset.

What does it mean to create the right mindset for success? Here are a few suggestions:

•Making money in ANY business is NOT a get rich quick scheme. You don’t just get in business and have money deposited into your bank account. It takes hard work and dedication to keep pressing forward in order to profit.

•You must spend some time educating yourself in your business or endeavor. Simply picking up a couple of books will not make you an expert in your field or market. Study others who have already succeeded in what you are trying to do. This takes some time and effort. After all, how long did it take you to get your university degree?

•Invest time for trial and error. No one gets it ‘right’ on the first try. Be ready for setbacks and failures, but learn from them and then get up off the canvas and battle again!

•You will deal with negative people who will try to tear your dream and goals down. There are many people who are too scared to step out and try something different. By you attempting something great, you make them uncomfortable and take away all of their excuses to try and succeed. In turn, they will try to drag you down with them to make themselves feel better. Some of the resistance will come from your friends, close relatives, co-workers, or even your BOSS! If you do not have the right mindset and persistence to keep pushing forward, they will steal your dream.

•Be like a dog on a bone- be ready to be “in it to win it!” Like in any business, if you are not prepared for the long haul with the peaks and valleys of business, you will quit midway because you have put in a half-hearted effort to succeed. Keep this thought in mind when things get tough: How badly do you want success?

Commit yourself to developing your mindset for success and enjoy the journey on “Success Interstate!”

To your success,
Ken Cloutier