Inspire People With Your Actions

If you want a long lasting and successful business, there is an important element that you must do for your business team. You must inspire people with your actions and do what you want your team to do! If you want your business team to sponsor more reps, then you sponsor more reps. If you want your business team to sell more products or make more money, then you sell more products and make more money! Do whatever it is that you are recommending or telling your team to do. Lead from the front!

You see, inspiring people is much different than simply motivating them. Motivation lasts for a few hours, days, or weeks. You go to your company’s live event or a leader comes into your town and does a great training or dream building session and you are motivated. That motivation, however, is short lived. After a few days, the motivation dwindles like an hour glass, slowly seeping away. Inspiration on the other hand, can be life lasting. Inspiring people is empowering and getting them to understand that they are capable of the success that they want. Inspiring people is helping them to see that if that couple can do it, then they can too!

Watch this video where I explain why it is important for you to inspire your team and others with your actions and not simply talking about it. Walt the talk and Inspire! (at minute 3:30 it gets pretty crazy!)

Do you see how important it is to lead from the front and do the very actions that you are asking members of your team to do? When you lead from the front with your actions, it will amaze you how many members of your business team take the same action that you are taking. You will begin to duplicate yourself! That is what you want in Network Marketing, right?

So if you remember nothing else from this video, remember this: Inspire People With Your Actions!

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