Change Your Thoughts And Attract Business Prospects

Change Your Thoughts And Attract Business Prospects

Business Prospects are something that every Network Marketer is looking to get more of. In fact, generating leads, sponsoring more reps, and making more money are the three most common challenges that I hear Home Business owners say that they are having.

When you think about the perfect prospect for your product or service, who is it? What do they struggle with? What keeps them up at night? How can you help them? These are just some of the questions that you need to answer for yourself in order to start generating more business prospects and Network Marketing leads!

The fact is, attracting business prospects to you is not as hard as you think it is. In the video below, I share with you a powerful secret on how you can start to attract business prospects and generate Network Marketing leads for your business (your ideal prospect) through your thoughts! Watch the video and find out how!!

                                                             The Formula Top Earners Are Using!

Your thoughts are very powerful, so why not use them to attract the right people in your target market?

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5 Questions To Ask Online Prospects

5 Questions To Ask Online Prospects

There are 5 questions that you should ask ALL prospects when you are determining if they are someone that you would like to work with in your business. These questions should be asked for both on and offline leads. Asking the right questions will help help you not waste time on “tire kickers” or people that are just curious! If you want to make money in your Network Marketing or Home Business, you need to build it with other motivated and action oriented individuals like yourself. You are looking for people who want to take ownership of their biz!

In this short video, I share with you the 5 questions that you should ask every prospect. Specifically, I talking to those of you who are generating leads online. Here are the 5 questions, take some notes:

As I said before, these questions can be used on prospects that you generate both on and offline. The reason that these particular questions are so effective for online leads, is because unlike offline, you don’t really have the opportunity to size them up in person. You are going off of their profile or email that they sent to you. So you need to establish right away if the prospect that you are on the phone with is serious or somebody who will waste your time.

Use these questions and start getting better results sponsoring reps that are just as excited about building their business as you are yours! 

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How to make effective videos to get leads

How to Make Effective Videos to Generate Leads for Your Network Marketing Business

Are you in a Network Marketing business that relies on you having leads to expand your business or sell a product? How are you doing with generating leads? If I had to guess, probably not that good! Don’t worry though, because I was in your same situation! I would walk around at the malls, shopping centers, and gas stations and talk to the cold market in order to get prospects so that they could see my Network Marketing business. I still talk to the cold market (offline marketing), but I also learned how I could use the power of videos and the internet to generate even more leads to grow my Network Marketing business. I created this blog post to help people like yourself and other struggling Network Marketers learn how you can make effective videos to generate leads for your business!

In this short video below, I am going to share with you 4 critical elements that you should include in any video to generate the most leads for your business. Enjoy!


So that’s it! It is that easy…You are on your way to generating a ton of leads for your Network Marketing business through the use of videos!

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