How To Recruit Different Personality Types Into Your MLM

How To Recruit Different Personality Types Into Your MLM

Personality types are something that every single one of us has in our DNA. Each individual person has a combination of four personality types from the laid back to the aggressive approach to people and life. Knowing how to interact with each of the four personality type is critical to your MLM recruiting or Network Marketing recruiting!

Building an MLM or multi level marketing business is all about relationships. The more that you know about the four personality types, the better you will become at building business teams. You will know what motivates some while it will repel others, and you will also know how to close each of the personality types into your business opportunity!

Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to sit down with a prospect and recognize what personality type they are? You would know the exact words to say to get them interested in your opportunity, and sign up many more distributors than you currently do!

The four personality types are:

  1. The Sanguine
  2. The Phlegmatic
  3. The Choleric
  4. The Melancholy

In the video below, I am going to reveal to you MLM recruiting secrets on how to interact with each personality type, and give you the necessary communication skills to close ANY of the four personalities into your business.

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Learning how to recruit different personalities into your MLM is crucial to the overall growth and longevity of your business. Study the qualities and traits of these unique personality types and learn how to connect with each one more effectively!

Comment below and let us know what your personality combination is!

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For more detailed information of the four personality types, I recommend that you read and digest this book:

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