MLM Prospecting- How To Transition To Talk About Your Business

MLM Prospecting- How To Transition To Talk About Your Business

MLM prospecting online or offline is one of the most basic and important parts to building your multi level marketing business. There are a ton of different mlm prospecting tips that you can find on the internet that will teach you how to open up the conversation to talk to strangers or even connect with other people online.

Many times when I am working with one of my coaching clients, one of the common questions or struggles that they have is “Once I start the conversation with a prospect, how do I transition into talking about my mlm business?”

This is a great question because we have all been there before, right?

You are having a great conversation with a prospect and feel like you are really connecting with them…but in the back of your mind, you are thinking, “How can I make the switch to talk or offer my mlm opportunity without making it too awkward?”

I have been there many, many times! That is, until I learned some very simple and easy to use transition lines to get the topic onto my business opportunity.

They are very subtle statements that will unconsciously ques your prospects into asking about your mlm opportunities. That is key!

You see, when a prospect asks you about your business, they are essentially giving you permission to talk and ask them if they are open to making money from a business of their own. It doesn’t seem weird at all to the prospect, because they asked!!

In the video below, I did a Periscope where I shared effective transition statements that you can use so that you never feel awkward about bringing up your MLM business again!

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These transition statements are interchangeable. You can use any of them anytime, depending on the direction of the conversation. Practice them in your mind, so the next time you are in a conversation with a prospect, you can pull out one of the statements and use it to your advantage!

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