Should You Build Your MLM Business Online?

Should You Build Your MLM Business Online?

Should you build your MLM business online?

I get asked that question a lot by people who are in MLM and Network Marketing. It is a valid question since the internet and Social Media have become so popular. Many Network Marketers who were building their businesses before Social Media became popular, built their businesses strictly using offline methods; prospecting at stores, gas stations, and sharing their opportunity using hotel meetings, and face to face meetings.

These methods do work, but is there another way to build your MLM business? The short answer is yes!

I distinctly remember coming home from being out all night prospecting and telling my wife that there had to be another way to prospect and build our Network Marketing business online.

After doing a bunch of research and searching Google on “how to do network marketing online,” or “how to start network marketing online,” I found a great system that taught me how to market and brand myself while also attracting prospects for my MLM business. A simple way to do multi level marketing online. 

This was the answer to my problem, a way to build your business online!

Now please understand that offline methods do work also. In fact, there are tons and tons of successful multi-millionaires who built their Network Marketing and MLM companies offline only. Just because you use methods to build your MLM opportunity online, doesn’t mean that you discard all aspects of offline building.

For example, the phone is still your greatest tool and asset. The purpose of using online marketing techniques is to take the conversation offline; on the phone, so that you can develop a better relationship with your prospect ad truly find out their needs.

In the video below, I answer the question of should you build your MLM business online, and also talk about why using the phone is still the best method to your success in Network Marketing!

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