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Connect Better and Build Rapport With Your Prospects

A major key to successfully sponsoring or building your Network Marketing business is building rapport and connecting with you prospects. Asking better questions is one key way to build on this connection. The issue that most Network Marketers have is that once they determine that a prospect is looking for a side project or to make more money, they immediately go into “pitch mode.” 

The reason that going into “pitch mode” too quickly does not help your sponsoring rate is because people do not want to be sold to. Instead, asking some key questions will enable you to get to know your prospect better and identify what their real needs are and why they are motivated to make some more money at this time in their lives. They will begin to like you and feel more comfortable with you. People get in business with people that they like and feel will be able to truly help them, not just because you product is so awesome! Finding out more about your prospect and their needs, wants, and desires will help you to better connect with them and possibly lead to a great friendship and business relationship.

In the video below, I give you some examples of questions to ask prospects to connect better with them and how it would flow with the conversation. Be sure to take notes because this information can really help you to sponsor more people into your Network Marketing business. Enjoy!


Do you see how simple it is to connect better with you prospects? All that it takes is just digging a little bit deeper to understand the needs, wants, and desires and qualify your prospects!

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