What Type Of Network Marketer Are You?

What Type Of Network Marketer Are You?

What type of network marketer are you?

In my opinion there are basically two types of people who build a Network Marketing or MLM business. As a network marketer, it is important that you learn what the philosophies are of the two types so that you can learn how to be a successful network marketer.

The two kinds of business builders that I have defined are the “Used Car” and the “Luxury Car” network marketer. They are significantly different in their prospecting approach, philosophy on how to build a Network Marketing business, and what their overall purpose is in helping their prospects.

Knowing what type of business builder you are will help you in learning how to do well in network marketing, as well as to understand what skills and mindset that you should have to be successful in your MLM business.

In the video below, I explain what the differences are between the “Used Car” and the “Luxury Car” network marketer, and tell you why one is better than the other!

For More Tips On Building Your Network Marketing Business

So at this point in your business as a network marketer, which type are you, the “Used Car” or “Luxury Car” business person? Be sure to focus on the solutions that your product or business opportunity can offer, and then use that to determine who your target market or prospects are that can benefit from what you offer!

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