How To Make Videos

How To Make Videos To Attract Your Target Market

How to make videos to attract your target market is a question that many online business owners are always asking. They want to know how they can use videos in order to attract prospects who will either become a customer or a business partner.

What Types Of Videos Should You Make?

There are many different kinds of topics that you can make business videos online about in your efforts of attracting new prospects and customers:

  • Motivational videos for business
  • Videos on business etiquette
  • “How to” videos
  • Prospecting/Target Market videos
  • How to attract prospects to Network Marketing videos
  • Videos on getting a new business owner started

What other helpful topics can you think about? The important purpose of your videos is to provide value and marketing content to reach more prospects. You want to help them solve a problem or need. In other words, what are they having a difficult time with, or what do they want to learn? Help to answer their questions, and you will start attracting people in your target market!

Why Use Video To Attract Your Target Market?

It has been shown that video marketing is the quickest and easiest way to build rapport and trust with your target market. They are able to hear your voice, see your mannerisms, see and feel your energy, and also see what you look like. This is important because you can attract prospects with these videos from all over the world without having to go to them and sit down face to face! Talk about leveraging your time!

How To Make Videos To Attract Your Target Market

Making videos to attract your target market is actually very easy. There are 4 parts to a good video that will get your prospects coming to you:

  1. Introduce yourself (your name and where you are from)
  2. Ask a question (your prospect’s challenge)
  3. Provide valuable content (the answer to your prospect’s challenge)
  4. Call to action (what you want your prospect to do next)

In the video below, I will give you an example of how to make a powerful video to attract your target market

To learn more about how to attract your target market, CLICK HERE:

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Use Your Story to Attract People to Your Business Opportunity

Use Your Story to Attract People to Your Business Opportunity

Have you wondered how some people are able to attract others to see their Network Marketing opportunity while others struggle to create enough interest for a prospect to take a look at their opportunity? Have you been in that situation before? It can seem like you are trying to give away a disease :) 

There is a reason that some people can quickly gain the interest of prospects to look at their opportunity and it is something that every single one of us possess! That is: Tell Your Story!

You see, people are not interested in how much you know, but they are interested in YOUR story!  Watch this short video and I will explain why your story is the way to get prospects to see your business opportunity and the elements or points of a good story.

Use these 4 elements to tell your story, you will have more prospects who will want to see what your business opportunity is all about! If you can expose your opportunity to more eyeballs, you will have more people that will get started in business with you. It all starts with something that we all have; Your Story!

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