Stifle your career and business success

7 Failure Expressions That Will Stifle Your Career and Business

You probably know people who just can’t seem to push ahead in their career or who have never started a business or led large groups of people, they all seem to mimic the same speech patterns. They talk the same negative language. Here are 7 failure expressions that will stifle your career and business that they always use. Identify this negative talk in others, or in yourself, and you’ll find the kink in your business or career growth.

1. “That’s Impossible”

Unsuccessful people are always pointing out what is not possible. They look for the negative in every situation and why something will not work. They will see a business opportunity and look for every reason why it will fail rather than how it can work or benefit them. At work, they sit in boardroom meetings and shoot down every good, out-of-the-box thought or idea and would rather stick to how it has always been done. They lack vision and live in a world of impossibilities; they have a can’t-do attitude and they are sinking their own ship of success.

2. “I can do it by myself”

When you hear someone on your business team or a colleague at work insisting how they can finish a project or can build a business better without any help from other employees or partners, take note: That person is going to slow things down and is ruining the project or growth of his or her business. He or she will not create an atmosphere of success but has only his or her ambition in mind. Ironically enough, unsuccessful people are always those who push their own agenda and don’t see the value of teamwork or other ideas other than their own. That’s the very thing that ruins their career or business. Look for the help or ideas of a mentor or other colleagues to help you reach your goals.

3. “I have a problem with that”

Nitpickers never prosper. Have you ever worked with someone who would always find a problem and then over focus on it? Unsuccessful people will beat the problem to a pulp pointing the finger at any and everyone who could have caused it. They never look at themselves as being part of the problem. Furthermore, they don’t want to solve the problem at hand. Ideas and solutions will be turned down because they are only focused on the problem rather than the solutions. Either work to solve the problem or accept it. Continuing to harp on the issue at hand will only bring the business team or work atmosphere down.

4. “I like my own idea better”

Have you noticed how people at work or in business sometimes like only their own ideas? It is a sign of selfishness and shows an inability to embrace the team objective. Those who like and promote only their own ideas are severely limited, because none of us can achieve success with only our own ideas. Imagine trying to build a company by never entertaining any other ideas? Your company will only grow as far as you can think. We all need to receive differing ideas that we may not have thought about. Collaboration always propels a company forward. In this case, it can propel your career or business forward. 

5. “Let me check my schedule first”

Ah, yes, the “I’m busy” syndrome! If someone always insists on checking his or her schedule for availability, that person is inhibiting their career or business success. It might be a valid excuse, but it could also be a way to avoid being helpful and taking action. In my experience, when someone is always referring to their schedule, it usually means that person is sending a message about being too busy. He or she says, “Let me check ‘my’ schedule” instead of figuring out how they can take the necessary action to accomplish a task or goal. Let’s face it, we are all busy doing something and we all have been granted 24 hours in a day. However, is what you are “so busy” doing getting you closer or further from your goals? Successful people know and understand how to prioritize their schedules so that they can accomplish the things that will help them get to their ultimate goal first, and then arrange to complete the other tasks. Sometimes, it’s better to just jump on an opportunity and worry about reorganizing your priorities and schedule later. Oftentimes, that opportunity that you are too busy for will come to you only once. You may have just missed out on what you were looking for because you were, “too busy!”

6. “You must be wrong about that”

This phrase is a red flag on the road to success because the person saying it is assuming the people he or she works with or partners with don’t know anything; the person believes there is only one “right” person, and it is them! That’s rarely the case. Instead, it’s a sign of success when you admit that you need help. It’s better to accept that others might be right about something and accept your own limitations. This allows for a culture of growth and transparency. Nobody is always right regardless of how many degrees they have. Admit when you are wrong or don’t know something and you will be more respected than if you act like you are the one who is always right. 

7. “I can’t”

Unsuccessful people like to talk about what they can’t do. Starting a business or furthering your career means embracing the fact that there will be countless roadblocks and situations that come up that will seem like you can’t overcome them. Instead, talk about what you can do! People will tell you what is not possible, but when anyone starts using the word can’t, it means trouble. They have given up. Reprogram your mind to help you work around the roadblocks and situations by saying “how can I” instead of saying “I can’t.” This simple rephrasing of words will help you creative juices start flowing and help you come up with solutions to your challenges.

Success in your career or business is just as much about your thought process and speech patterns as it is doing the physical actions to reach your goals. Learn and develop a success thought pattern and speech that will give you the edge over being average to becoming successful. If you utilize the phrases and expressions that I have pointed out, you will separate yourself from the masses of mediocrity and fulfill the goals and visions for your career or business.

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To Your Success,

Ken Cloutier