Success Principles…What are they anyway?

What makes some people successful while others seem to struggle to make ends meet? How is it that money seems to be attracted to some while other people seem like they have holes in their pockets? Many people think that successful people “get lucky”, that they were in the right place at the right time. That could not be further from the truth. The fact is, these “successful” people are utilizing success principles whether they consciously know it or not. 


So how do you learn about these success principles and what are they anyway? Before I started my network marketing business, I did not know anything about success or business. I was taught to go to school, get good grades, and get a good job. I was essentially was taught to have someone else tell me what I was worth. 


When I got started in business, I began to learn principles that were foreign to me and had never heard of from some very successful business mentors. In fact, some of the success principles that I learned were in exact opposition to what I had ever known. For example, delayed gratification. My attitude was if I want it, go get it! It was a way of thinking that I worked hard and deserved it. What I learned about delayed gratification is that I can still travel or buy what I wanted, but I just needed to wait for the right time so that I could get the very best and not settle for mediocrity. This is an example of wealth mentality. Wealth is simply a state of mind! Once you learn the key principles of success, all you have to do is implement them in whatever business or career that you are in. Success principles don’t change regardless of your business or profession. All that matters is that you use them in your life. They are laws, just like the law of gravity. You don’t have to believe in gravity or that it exists, but go ahead and jump off of the roof of your house and you will quickly realize that gravity does work and exist! 


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To Your Success!

Ken Cloutier