Think Big Dream Big

You have heard it since you were in middle school- “Go to school and get good grades so that you can get a good…..JOB.” In fact, most of you listened to your elders and did just that. Now years later after working at that “good” job, are you where you thought you would be?

Most people who I coach and mentor in business were part of that thought process. They had little dreams because that is all that they could get working for someone else. I ask people today if you had a $100 or $700 extra cash coming into your household, what would you do with it? A very common answer that I get is “I would save it.” With the average working household having less than $200 in their savings account, it is apparent that most of these folks are just saying what they have heard all of their lives- SAVE.

Unfortunately this is a common thread amongst most people. You simply do what you have always been taught or the old way of thinking. The challenging part of this is that for most of you, your dreams have been shaped by the amount of money that you make at your job or career. If you make $60k/yr., you can’t imagine a lifestyle making $150k/yr. In other words, what you do is settle for what you can afford rather than what you actually want.

What I teach is to have your dreams be as big as you want, and then make enough money to accomplish those dreams. If you have a dream of financial independence or to own multiple homes all over the world, etc. all you have to do is earn enough money to accomplish those dreams. You will figure out a way to make the money if your dreams are important enough to you. As Napolean Hill states- “what ever the mind can conceive, and believe, the mind can achieve.” You dream your way to success!

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Here’s to your Dreams!

Ken Cloutier


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